I love the phrase “it was so quiet it was deafening.”


Some of the best sounds are to be found in a noiseless environment.  By noise I mean unwanted sounds.  Sometimes to find this environment I must leave.  It used to be available at home, but my neighbors seem intent upon sharing their automotive pursuits with all who are with in range.  By range I mean city limits.  This weekend I plan on driving out to the prairie and finding a nice quiet spot.  I want to hear nothing for a while. 


Being quiet is also a great conversational tool.  Most people will eventually talk themselves into a hole, I find this amusing.  Creative silence is also great way to put people on the defensive.  I don’t know why this works. 


Speaking quietly is also a great way to get people to listen more carefully.  I find that when working with large groups it is a great way to draw them in.  I generally do not enjoy speaking to large groups, but it is kind of what I do so I deal with it. 


Why do people speak with an elevated voice when talking on a cell phone, but then lower their voice when apologizing for talking to someone on the cell phone.  I found this happens a lot at the grocery store while in the check out line….


“What did you say?  Oh yea use debit…”



I find myself close to committing an act of violence against the cell phone they are using.  I know, it’s the caller at fault not the phone, but it would feel so good to toss their phone into a snow blower in the parking lot.  I would probably go to jail if I did that to the caller.


I am told that I am guilty of this behavior as well.  So I don’t talk on the cell phone in public.  Besides my cell phone would probably survive a snow blower.


Have you noticed that there is a direct inverse correlation between the volume of someone else’s car stereo and musical taste?  I have yet to have someone with a loud thumping car stereo pull up next to me play a song that I actually like. 


I watched the Grammys the other night with my wife.  I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but I wanted to spend some time with her and she was generous enough to switch channels on commercials.  I didn’t know a single one of the artists.  Well, Lady Gaga was a recognizable figure for me, and that’s because my wife likes her.  Also she wears slutty costumes, and that always gets my attention. Lady Gaga, not my wife. 


When I look back to the music that I enjoyed, back when I was believed that music was an important indicator of a person’s character, I realize that a lot of what was popular then was just noise.  Just like now. 

I try not to be a victim of nostalgia. 


One of my favorite buttons on the TV remote is the mute button.  The other is the on/off button, but it is not used as much as it should.  Both induce a sigh inducing quiet, the kind of quiet that may actually have a sound.  It’s like the feeling you get when you stop beating your head against a wall.  It’s not just a lack of pain; it is a definite feeling of relief.


Sometimes a really good quiet requires contrast.  Like the lovely sound of the distant echo after an explosion.  


Maybe I will bring a gun when I go out to the prairie for some quiet.  Then I can enjoy the contrast as well as the quiet.


Bring on the noise, and then bring back the quiet.




2 thoughts on “Quiet.

  1. planetross says:

    I like having a few quiets.

    note: this post is about drinking right? hee hee!

  2. planetross says:

    You’ve been pretty quiet for a while now.
    I hope everything is fine in the Prairie Flounder world.

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