Flying to Denver turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I have to say that Southwest really lives up to the hype on their ads. The do seem to be glad to be taking my money, almost grateful. They smile a lot and seem to enjoy their work. Refreshing to say the least. Also the plane being only a third full of passengers really helped. I got to choose my own seat, so I went for one that was as far from the other passengers as possible. Nice.

Another surprise was on takeoff, no waiting. As as the plane started to taxi around to the runway it started to accelerate. I haven’t been in an airplane that accelerated out of a turn into takeoff since I last flew on a military transport. Cool. Due to a light plane and a tail wind we landed a head of schedule.

We were so early that I was out of the plane, got my luggage and out of the terminal a full minute before my lovely wife arrived to pick me up. What great timing. All in all the travel home was the best experience I have ever had while flying.

Thanks Southwest for doing it right.


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One thought on “Home

  1. planetross says:

    I like it when my bag is the first to pop out on the baggage carousel.
    I don’t like it when everyone else waiting for their bags block the baggage carousel by standing 2 inches away from it: people must be shortsighted or something.

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