Almost home

Well I made it through security. I have to say that Portland probably has the most friendly TSA workers I have ever met. They actually called me by name and smiled. Human like behavior is always a plus when working with the public.

I just love playing with my little iPad. I am writing this while waiting to board. Free wi-fi is indeed a blessing.

Only three more hours until I land near Flounderland, then a nice drive with my lovely wife at my side. So far so good. It looks like my fellow travelers read my last post. I have only witnessed a few examples of overt antisocial behavior. Like a gentleman a few feet from me who is pacing back and forth while holding an animated conversation in Chinese or something on his headset. I often wonder if some people fake conversations on headsets to seem important. I know a few homeless in Denver that don’t need a head set.

Sounds like a good game to play to screw with people.

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One thought on “Almost home

  1. planetross says:

    I sometimes fake conversations on my phone, but usually I’m talking to Santa and finding out if he’s going to bring presents to kids who don’t have a chimney at home.

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