Travel log DIA to PDX

TSA wasn’t bad, well not as bad as I thought… You have to know the score to get through fast. I pull four tubs and line them up in reverse order from what you take off. Laptop and iPad in the first one, then the backpack, then the jacket, then shoes. I empty my pockets into the jacket including my belt. If done properly you can just breeze through.

The flight was uncomfortable but that is to be expected. I figure that airlines have shrunk the seating to a point that defies growth charts. The height bell curve is decidedly slanted to the left. Same with the width, however, I did notice a young lady who proved that there is value in staggering the seats, if not she would not have been able to waddle towards the exit. It was quite the sight, left right, forward, repeat.

Portland does have a nice airport, it looks a lot like Denver, both try to exploit the rugged western, mountain, rocky wilderness.


2 thoughts on “Travel log DIA to PDX

  1. spudgun says:

    Have fun in Portland PR. If you get a chance, check out a place called Voodoo Donuts (…
    They have Zombie donuts!

  2. planetross says:

    An airplane flight is like going into the hospital for an operation:

    1) crappy food
    2) usually there is a long wait involved
    3) you are put in with people you will never see again
    4) sometimes there are delays or cancellations
    5) it takes time to recover from the experience

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