Wind and life

When I was a kid I wanted the wind to blow.  My family was into sailing.  It seemed that I would spend every weekend  on the beach or in a sail boat.  It was a magical time and I will never forget the summers of swimming and sailing.  Eventually I moved away from home and for years and years I didn’t care about the wind.  It didn’t mater to me if it blew or not.  I had nothing at risk, nothing to gain, to me wind was irrelevant. 


Then I started to become interested in Rocketry and fireworks.  It was the opposite of sailing, less wind was better, none was best.  Fireworks shoots and rocket launches are canceled due to too high a wind.  My fun time depended upon calm days. I began to despise the wind. 


Ironically, I recently got a job with the largest wind power company in the world.  My livelihood now depends upon the wind.  But my play time still depends upon calm weather. 


I started to think of the parallels with life and wind.


Wind makes things scary and unpredictable, but accounts for a lot of potential energy. Calm air is safe and secure, but boring. 


When I left school back in the 80s I was looking for a change, something different. I was looking for a strong wind to blow my life around.  I was looking for adventure.  So I joined the military, while the logic of this at the time was questionable, it worked. I found adventure.  I did some traveling, met lots of odd people, and generally had a grand adventure. 


Then I got out of the military and went in search of security.  I wanted to find a calm spot to raise a family.  This was all well and good for many years, but I always felt an itch for something else.   I guess I missed the wind.


A few years ago I felt a small breeze.  The type of breeze that may announce a coming storm, no one names a breeze, but if this one had a name it would be outsourcing.  Eventually I was thrust again out into the job market, a windy place indeed.  I rather quickly landed into another safe and secure job.  The calm returned, but so did the hidden yearning for a wind to push me along.  The time was coming again for a change, a change as radical as the difference between sailing and fireworks. 


After some work and schooling I left my nice secure job, which was technical in nature and didn’t require much in the way of human interaction, and was thrust into something much different.  The wind returned, but it was different.  This wind seemed to come at just the right time.  It was almost like I was able to call upon it to answer my desire for change.


I went from a world that was homogenous and gray to one that was all mixed up and colorful.  One day I was alone working on a computer, where the satisfaction was almost entirely internal.  Then next day I was working in an international capacity, teaching wind technology to people from America, Denmark, Spain, China, and India.  I guess I have finally learned not to despise the wind, I find that I am more willing to take what comes.  


It’s about time. 


This reminds me of the times sailing with my Dad.  We would be having a fine day sailing out on the lake near our home, a mile or so from the nearest shoreline.  Sometimes the wind would howl, and it was exciting.  There were lots of variations and I didn’t mind. Sometimes the wind would stop.  We had no motor. No way to get back home but a paddle, a large sail, and hope for a breath of wind.  We always found our way back, and it didn’t really dampen out time together.  It was an adventure regardless of what the wind brought.



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One thought on “Wind and life

  1. planetross says:

    I really like this post. Well done.

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