My wife loves the self check at the grocery store.  She uses it every time we shop and have few enough items to get away with it.  She doesn’t understand why I hate it…..   I hate it on principal.  


Self vs. Full service.


Back when I was learning to drive just about every gas station had two sets of pumps, full service and self service.  The gas price signs also reflected two different prices for the gas; full service was much more expensive per gallon.  The extra price paid for some kid to get off his ass and pump your gas.  Oh and he would check your oil, air pressure, fluids, etc.  Like jiffy lube with out the oil.  If you wanted to save money you could pump your own, most people did.


Now you have self serve and full service, not to buy gas but food.  The food is the same price regardless if you do the work or the lady behind the register does the work.  


If you drove up to a gas station and they had full service and self service at the same price which pump would you drive up to?  


It may have something to do with ATMs.  People pay extra for transactions using an ATM because it is convenient.  However, I am sure it costs more to pay for a human being to do the same thing behind a counter.  As far as I know there is no ‘use a human pay more fee’ at a bank.  This may change in the future, stay tuned.


I just don’t think being helped in a grocery store is less convenient that using a machine that’s ten feet away.  It would be like ATMs being located only inside the bank and only when the bank is open.  Why would you use one?
That is why I don’t understand why my wife likes self check.  If they gave us a break for checking and paying for our own food I would be all over it.  But they don’t so I don’t.


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  1. planetross says:

    I hate paying a fee at ATMs. It’s my money that the bank is using to make money already!
    I hate waiting in line-ups to take out money more, so I use ATMs anyway.

  2. If I don’t have much to buy, I also like the U-scan lines. They are typically faster and I don’t need to deal with sometimes unpleasant clerks.

    If I’m depositing money I go to the bank. If I just need some quick cash, it’s the ATM. I only use MY bank’s ATM though ’cause they don’t charge me any fees.

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