When I graduated from high school I distinctly remember thinking to myself that in 2001 I will be the same age as my parents.  Now it is ten years later, and I don’t feel as old as I thought I would.  I guess that is natural. 


I think it is important for everyone to remember that when you talk to an old person you are also talking to a young person trapped inside an old body.  I would like to think that I have always known this, but that would be untrue.  Like most truly important knowledge, it generally comes too late to be useful. 


Sometimes I find myself reflecting upon a time in my life where I really screwed up.  These screw-ups usually occurred when I was in my teens or early twenties when I was doing something stupid or reacting in a way that made things worse.  Most of these issues could easily be solved with a time machine.  With my old guy knowledge I could have kicked some serious ass.  But then again I would be a different person.  Would I like who I would become?


In a world with out time machines these are called regrets.  I have some regrets, everyone does.  They don’t seem to serve any purpose other than clutter up my mind when I really want to sleep but can’t.


 I wonder what the opposite of regret is.  I looked it up; the web says that the opposite of regret is contentment.  Does anyone lie in bed and get a sudden pang of contentment?      I guess there must many more people who have regrets than are contented.  Otherwise there would be a better word for the opposite of regret.  


I really try hard to avoid regrets.  I generally do not succeed.  Maybe the opposite could simply called grets.  Then you wouldn’t have to do them over again. 



I think my New Years resolution will be to try to live each day with the goal of not adding to my store of regrets.  I have enough, I don’t want any more.  Is there a way to get the re removed?  Then I would just have a bunch of grets.


I hope I don’t regret posting this.




3 thoughts on “Gretting

  1. Diana (AKA Mom) says:

    Your Grandfather used to comment, and I know that this isn’t an original thought on his part but I heard it a lot, ‘You grow so soon old and so late smart’. Genius!

  2. Just wait till you hit 50! I don’t regret hitting 50 but just hate counting up from there. Better than being dead I suppose.

  3. planetross says:

    If you regret posting this, would that be an “e-gret”. (groan)

    I don’t mind growing older; I just don’t want to grow old.

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