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I get so tired of the same news.  9% unemployed, oh wait if you include the under employed it’s around 15%.  Oh wait if you include the people who may have given up, it’s closer to 21%.  Etc etc…. 

How about if the news media turns some things around a little bit? How many people are employed?   Sure we want to know how many un-employed, and under employed, or just gave up looking job seekers are out there.  But I would like to know how many people are fully employed, vs. the general population.  I would think it would be a lot easier to find out how many people are actually working than how many people want a job but just can’t find one.   Also I would like to know how many people who have a full time job get paid from tax dollars.


TSA:  Full body scans:  “Oooh someone may see my pudgy butt, oh the horror!”  Get over it.  No one wants to look at your body; if they did you would ask to be paid for the privilege.  Pat downs:  That is a different mater; if I am going to get fondled I want to have a choice on who does it.  Line up the TSA fondlers and let me take my pick.  I want an attractive young female to do the fondling; if I am going to get my rights violated I want it to be at least a little fun.

In all honesty why not simply train the TSA to look for people who exhibit behaviors that are indicative as to how terrorists act? There must be some kind of profile for the behavior of people who are inclined to do some really crazy shit.  It would at least focus pat downs on the people who really need them, like creepy guys who mumble under their breath and twitch a lot.  I know that when I am stuck in an airport for hours on end I get a bit twitchy and frantic.  A lot of smokers would be patted down, but if that is the price of security then so be it.


Taxes:  Large subject.  I think I can divide taxes into three broad groups. 

First is of course a method of paying for the activities of the government, i.e. defense, police, statues, impressive buildings, etc…

The second group pays for good intentioned give-away programs, like welfare, medical care, disaster relief, and paying for research on interesting subjects like why giving money to poor people doesn’t cure poverty. 

Taxes also seem be used to punish bad behavior.  Take the cigarette tax for example.  To me this seems to raise a question on how the other two can work.  Raise the tax enough and people will quit smoking.  But Taxes are also to raise revenue to run the country.  Taxes are levied on income.  Like the cigarette tax, is the tax on income modifying people’s behavior?  Paying people not to work (un-employment) may also encourage behavior. 


It seems to me that if you punish people who work and reward people who don’t, eventually the government will run out of money and have to borrow ever increasing amounts.  But that’s just my opinion, I am probably wrong.  Sometimes things are more complicated than they seem on the surface, other times it’s the other way around.


Reality TV:  What’s wrong with reality at home?  Reality TV isn’t even real, it is scripted as much as regular TV, the only difference is the actors suck and they are not paid as much.  The only reality TV that is actually real is the feed from security cameras, and no one watches, not even security.   


One thought on “Sharing 3

  1. planetross says:

    (un) Employment: I’d like to know those figures as well!

    TSA: I don’t know about this. Is this a new twist on T&A?

    Taxes: why is it called “defense” when it’s been “offense” for the last 10 years or so?

    I think tax dollars are spent the way Bill Cosby used to described filling up his car with gas: pour gas all over the car and it has to get into the gas tank somehow.

    Reality TV: it’s like wrestling, but without a plot.

    note: Merry Christmas!

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