Sharing 2

Over the next few days, I decided to post some tidbits on the observations of an everyday Prairie Flounder.  My take on what the media believes to be important news items of the day.  I hope you enjoy.  If not, well at least I am not writing on your wall or anything.


First up:  WikiLeaks, Hollywood stars, and sports.  Lets get the meat of the news out of the way.


WikiLeaks: To me this is like turning on the kitchen light and being appalled at all the cockroaches running on the floor.  The media is blaming the light bulb, and the state department is trying to think of a way redefine garbage eating vermin.  I want a roach motel.


WikiLeaks founder arrested:  If he is guilty of a crime then so be it send his ass to jail.  If he is not guilty and this is done for political reasons then who is in a better position to release the facts.   If he threatens to release more stuff on his website, then fine do so.  We are entering a more transparent age, if you want to keep secrets then don’t use computers and don’t trust flunkies to watch over secret shit. 


Any news about Hollywood stars:  Who gives a shit?  Think about it for a minute, why do you hold any value on information about someone who plays other people to entertain you in a theater?  Just because someone plays a doctor on TV doesn’t mean I will seek his or her advice on medical maters.  Why do we listen to a word they say about anything except acting?  Besides do you personally know any actors? 

 Sports news:  Who cares?  See above.




Oh next is:  Jobs, Taxes, and Reality TV.


3 thoughts on “Sharing 2

  1. I support your opinions because they are the same as mine. At least in this post. Can’t say that about future posts as they may differ from my viewpoints. Meh. Indifferent? About many things, I am. Doesn’t it grind your gears that actors and sports stars make more money than a brain surgeon? Does mine alright!

  2. planetross says:

    “The media is blaming the light bulb”

    That’s the best quote I’ve heard for a long time.

    Movie and sports stars are called “stars” … because they are far away from me … and I don’t think about them too often.

  3. Burrowowl says:

    And here I thought the more traditional media were just jumping at the opportunity to be gigantic hypocrites. Most journalism is either the airing of dirty laundry (what Wikileaks is doing) or rephrasing somebody’s press release. Of the two, I think the dirty laundry better serves the public.

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