I have a Facebook account.

I think I have about a dozen friends.

I do not post any updates.  None.


I have this account for one reason. 

To spy on my friends and family.


That’s it. 


I don’t post what I am currently doing.

I don’t care about Farmville.

I ignore all friend requests except from people who are already my friends.

I am not interested in posting a ‘like’ on someone’s thoughts.

If you want to have a discussion, come on over this Friday night and sit around the fire pit with me.  If you can’t make it then call me on the phone, if you don’t have my number then your not really my friend are you?


When I have something to share I put it here.  No, this medium is not any better than Facebook; I just like the format better.  I can post what I want and it doesn’t show up anywhere else.  This is my wall and only I can write on it.  If I don’t like the game I can take my ball and go home.  I am not running down Facebook, it is great for what it is, just not my cup-o-tea. 


Maybe someday I will catch the Facebook bug.  Someday I will post little one sentence updates on what I had for dinner, or poke someone (what ever that means), or use it to chat with strangers.  Life is fluid.


However, by popular demand (in my imagination) I decided, over the next few days, to post some tidbits on the observations of an everyday Prairie Flounder.  My take on what the media believes to be important news items of the day.  I hope you enjoy.  If not, well at least I am not writing on your wall or anything.




3 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Ditto to all of the things you wrote. My Facebook is to keep up with Cute Daughter, her family, and a few friends. I’d rather blog.

  2. Dad says:

    Yeah, and Ditto from the previous generation.

  3. planetross says:

    I concur.
    … but now that I know about this spying business …

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