Bones, Turkey, Stockings oh my.

The holiday season is well underway.  This year my lovely wife decided not to participate in the whole Black Friday nonsense.  Partially because we are fortunate enough to have most all the toys we could want, and partially because the toy I want isn’t on sale.  


Santa: please bring me an I-Pad, I have been really good.  


During the nice long four day weekend we managed to move smoothly from Halloween to Christmas decorations. 


On Thursday we went to see Harry Potter, yes I am now out-of-the-Cupboard. After the movie went home and started work on transforming the house into a Thanksgiving theme for dinner.   We don’t really have any thanksgiving themed decorations so it was more like Christmas light.


That evening we had a nice small Turkey dinner with our youngest son.  I love green stuff and stuffing, thank you Honey Ham for the Turkey.  BTW my wife makes excellent Scalloped potatoes.


Friday was a day of rest for me; however, my lovely wife had to work.  I sorted Christmas light and puttered around the house.  Oh, and while watching science fiction movies I preformed a marathon session of ironing.  


Santa: do not bring me any dress shirts.


Saturday and Sunday my lovely wife transitioned into Christmas mode.  While I was working on painting some trim board for some son’s room and performing random cleaning on the basement, my wife transformed the upstairs into a winter wonderland.  The pointy witches’ hat was replaced with Santa hats.  The black candles were replaced with red.  Photo hanging on the walls were replaced with monogrammed stockings.  Vases were replaced with nut crackers.  The kitchen table is now a shrine to snowmen.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find eight tiny reindeer drowned in our fish tank.


Next up is decorating the outside of our home.  When our children were younger I had a tendency of over doing the decorations outside, so much so that I had to install some dedicated circuits to prevent over loading the breakers.  At that time I figured that Santa may need some guidance to find our place incase Rudolf’s nose was bitten off by badgers or something.  Hey you can never be too careful.  Since I am really careful when I remove Christmas lights at the end of the season, and we tend to buy more each year, we have a lot of Christmas lights.  But something happened a year or so ago.  LED Christmas light came on the market.  


I just love LED lights, but there is a problem with them, they make the regular incandescent lights look wimpy and boring.  We found that you just can’t mix the two.  So this year I am going all in, out with the old in with the new.  So what do we do with all the old incandescent lights?  We gave all of our Christmas lights away to a charity who volunteer to hang lights on to retirement homes and homes of the elderly who wish a Christmas display but can’t put one up themselves. 


LEDs all the way baby. 


Yep, the holiday is well underway.  I figure I have about a week to get the Christmas lights up before it snows again and kills any chance of getting on the roof, or at least getting off the roof in one piece.  


Santa:  Look for the house with the new LED lights, you know in case of that badger thing I was talking about. 


Oh, and don’t forget the I-Pad.


5 thoughts on “Bones, Turkey, Stockings oh my.

  1. Though I doubt you have been “good” I do hope you get your I-Pad.

    Wow! You iron? So does Son-In_Law. I do not believe Husband knows what an iron is.

    Have you noticed then that Santa hats look like witches hats without starch and a snow ball at the tip to hide the fact it resembles a witches hat?

    Got LED lights last year for our tree. I like them as well.

  2. I have been good. Only Garden gnomes have any reason to doubt this.

  3. Wenchypoo says:

    I did a marathon ironing session Friday too–fabric for quilt pieces. I ironed until my knees ached, then took a nap, then got up and ironed some more.

    I think I cut out enough pieces for a king-sized quilt, but feeling like I didn’t have enough green pieces, I made Bill take me to a thrift store, where I bought some cheap but hideous Hawaiian shirts to cut up into quilt parts. I did society a favor by cutting them up–really!

    Tonight’s TV, then tomorrow some more ironing and cutting up. I have another Hawaiian shirt to kill.

  4. planetross says:

    -Should we be expecting a movie review on Harry Potter in the near future?

    -I used to iron, but only pull it out for the pants that go with a suit I wear once a year. … no it’s not red!

    -I don’t have any seasonal decorations … unless I count the meager batch of Christmas cards that plop through the mailslot in the near future and hang around until April or so. I am seasonally disordered … or something.

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