Thrusday Night

Thursday night is now…. Nerd night in.


I usually do not watch television.  This is mostly due to the fact that I can’t seem to sit still long enough to complete a show.  Also the content of most television shows is so poor it makes my brain hurt.  This pain can be best described as the exact opposite of the feeling you get when you try to learn something that is difficult to grasp.  Like a negative learning curve.  It takes effort to fake stupid, and can be painful.  To experience this, try flipping between a lecture by Steven Hawking and Entertainment Tonight.  Anyway Thursday night is different. 


My lovely wife goes to a Spanish class at the local community college on Thursday nights.  So that leaves me all alone and in charge of the TV remote.  By happy coincidence Thursday night is also the night that the Big bang theory is on, one of the last bastions of comedy that I really enjoy.  Last week I found out something else about this timeslot, Star Trek is on the air again. 


One of our cable channels is a “Retro” station.  It plays all kinds of old television shows that people of my generation were exposed to when we were young.  I often enjoy these shows more than the current offerings.  For one the cars are cooler.  Another thing is there is more honesty, sometimes good guys smoked, and sometimes they even drank a brand name beer.    So just after Hawaii 5-O is Star Trek.  Yes, the old generation, the original and still the best.  Kirk kicks ass, Bones is bitchy, and Spock is, well… Spock.  They both start at 7pm.  Perfect. 


After doing some chores I sat out back and browsed through the new Think-geek catalog, then went inside made up a glass of ice cold whiskey on the rocks and a plate full of cheese and crackers.  I went down stairs and settled in to surf back and forth between Star Trek and Big Bang Theory.  The timing was nearly perfect, when one show was on commercials the other was not.  





Oh and I put in a Firefly episode to be sure I had my bases covered.




2 thoughts on “Thrusday Night

  1. Brilliant choices! All of the above are fab. (We own the Firefly series on DVD including the Film, Serenity.) Geeks and Nerds, unite!

  2. Wenchypoo says:

    I had a night like that just last night–I spent the evening sorting through cookbook recipes on the couch while the TV blared away.

    Hubby found an unusual recipe about pumpkin pie on a brownie crust on FARK last night, so we tried it. Since I can no longer eat wheat or gluten, I substituted another brownie recipe that didn’t have wheat flour in it–needless to say, the recipe came out odd (more like a Reese’s peanut butter cup than a pie-topped brownie).

    My TV schedule is only two nights/week–the rest is schlock. I cut the satellite service down to local channels, and am going to cut it off completely when the contract ends, as well as giving the TV to a thrift store–what I watch is free on Hulu. When the satellite lineup is the original 13 channels of crap we always had, plus maybe 5 modern shows, and the rest is either reruns of reruns of reruns or marketing-marketing- marketing (some 200+ channels worth) it’s time to pull the plug. I’m paying for THIS? I’m also paying the electric bill for a phantom load while the satellite box stays plugged in 24/7?

    Not any more!

    Then, there’s the HD channels (we don’t get them)–do people REALLY need to see marketing and reruns in HD?

    …and to think tomorrow people are going to kill themselves trying to get a flat-screen TV they don’t need at what they think is a sale price, and the damned TV’s been sitting on the shelf for 2-3 years! I got a flat-screen—it’s called a computer monitor that doubles as a TV when the inputs are inserted in the back. Sure, it ain’t 42″ (or whatever the magic number is), but it does the same job.

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