Negative Political ads



I do not watch much television.  I usually limit my TV time to the morning and evening news.  I don’t rely much on the news content; I just like to veg-out with something that is a bit less offensive than the alternatives.  Like most people, I have noticed a serious increase in negative political ads.  Two things jump into my mind whenever I see these ads.  


First:  Statistically speaking, what happens to the sales of products that would normally be advertised during this time slot?   At five pm, during the news, the majority of the ads on TV revolve around bodily functions gone wrong and Injury law.  If there is a connection to people buying products and advertisement frequency then what is happening to the sales of Hemorrhoid ointments, anti gas pills, mucus busting tonics, and erectile dysfunction medication? Oh and lawyers?  All these political ads must be really cutting into people’s shopping habits.  How can someone decide what to rub on their butt with out a TV advertisement?


Second:  How do these political ads really affect the voting public?  These ads affect me only in that they piss me off.  I have a little story that should illustrate my thoughts on what (I hope) the public is getting out of negative ads.  


When I was a little kid my brother and I would sometimes get into disagreements.  If one of us did something that the other didn’t like he or I would run to tell our parents.  Tattletale.  Soon a strategy was formed.  This strategy was not written down or even agreed upon, it just happened. If one ran to tell; the other would run along side and tell the same story but with the victim reversed.  Our parents had no way to sort out who did what so generally they punished us both.   Soon we learned to sort out or differences with out adult supervision.  (We also grew out of this childish behavior)


When two candidates start pointing fingers at each other proclaiming that they each suck and are not qualified for the job we should as voters do the obvious, vote both the bastards out of the game.


Grow up, be a Man, and show me your résumé.  I will judge your merits and vote according.  


I think that the Negative Political ads are not only hurting the credibility of political office, if it could be hurt any more, but is interfering with important free market choices.  I never thought I would say this but, please bring back the drug company ads.  I really miss hemorrhoid, indigestion, feminine itch, dry itchy foot, law practice commercials.  


Yes, they all seem related.





One thought on “Negative Political ads

  1. S. Le says:

    I truly HATE political adverts! Especially the negative ads!

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