Friends 4 boom


I, like many people, have multiple circles of friends. These circles include Gun nut friends, Pyro friends, Rocket friends, Work friends, School friends, etc.  I like to think of it as a strange molecular structure of overlapping friends.  Some of the circles overlap each other and have many friends in common, others haven’t a clue who the people in the other circles are and don’t care.


I have one unique group of five friends that reside in the overlapping bubble between Gun nuts, Pyros, and Rocket geeks.  To say they are an interesting group of friends would be an understatement.  Unfortunately each of these guys is incredibly busy.  So we only get together once a month.  The time we spend together is usually based on sampling expensive whiskey, cheese, and cigars.  This sounds kind of snobbish but it isn’t. 


The topics of our whiskey sipping, cigar smoking conversations are almost always interesting, engaging, and irreverent.  Politics, movies, and what gun should I buy, is almost always on the list of conversation topics.  This month the topic was how to make golf more entertaining.


How this topic came up was interesting in and of it self.  None of us play golf, at least not seriously.  But, we are all interested in making up ways to improve the game.  Improve by way of using explosives, rockets, or guns.  


It all started with how to play Forest golf.  Apparently this is not made up.  This is a tried and true game.


Here is how it is played.


You find a nice piece of forest with lots and lots of pine trees.  You stake out a number of holes with flags.  Any number will do and yardage is not that important.  You only bring one club; in this case it was an 8 iron, oh and a shotgun. 


It’s just like normal golf; you have to get your ball into the little hole, count your strokes, and keep score.  Lowest score wins.  The difference is that your opponent gets to shoot your ball out of the air in an attempt to deflect the ball from its course.  According to my friend, it is not as easy as it sounds.  He recommends bird shot, and to use a 20 gauge if there are more than 9 holes.  Also use orange balls, the white ones are really hard to see on a cloudy day.  He found that golf balls can take a remarkable amount of abuse before they need to be replaced.


Also up for discussion was Cannon Golf.  Simple, instead of bring golf clubs you bring a cannon and a lot of gunpowder.  The prairie is just about screaming out for this type of golf game.  Ear protection will be a must.


Since we are basically geeks of one sort or another after the mention of Golf ball cannons nearly everyone was in a race for a Google search on the subject.  I-phones aren’t they wonderful.


The next idea that came up was from a catalog that happened to be laying right there on the patio table.  Cheaperthandirt has many wonderful toys for your average gun nut/survivalist.  They sell a little attachment to your assault rifle for launching golf balls.  

The website claims that you can shoot a standard golf ball up to 250 yards using blanks. Sounds good, but your short game would defiantly suffer. 


Any and all of these ideas are worth exploring, however, some are more expensive than others.  Lucky for me one of my friends has a machine shop.  He also claims to have enough brass stock to make two golf ball cannons.  


Sounds like a weekend project to me.


I will keep you informed.


Four!  Boooom!




2 thoughts on “Friends 4 boom

  1. planetross says:

    Your drawing looks like a swamp thing Mickey Mouse.

  2. I see Mickey Mouse with foam coming out of his mouth.


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