Poor boy going to Balls


It looks like I will be going to Balls this year.  It is funny how sometimes the stars align in such a way and everything seems to fall into place.  Since I wasn’t really planning on going to balls I didn’t have a project in mind to launch.  As the weeks went by parts and pieces of a project suddenly started to appear. 

A fellow rocket geek wanted to sell some fiberglass fins that he didn’t need, it seems that he got the measurements wrong and couldn’t use them on his project.  So I bought them. 

Then another friend dropped out of rocketry and gave me some 4” fiberglass tubes. 

Another friend gave me his fiber glass nosecone, which happened to be a perfect fit with the fiberglass tubing.  

I went to Jax the other week to buy ammo; they have a rather well stocked surplus department and happen to have a sale on a military surplus cargo parachute that would work nice on a large rocket, so I bought it.  

This kind of thing went on for the next several weeks and finally a rocket kit began to take shape.  All I had to do was kludge together the pieces into something flight worthy.

I started design work a week ago (Two weeks until Balls) and found that I had all the parts needed to build a rather stout vehicle.  Then my buddy Elvis called and asked if I needed a motor to fly.  One of his friends is dropping out of the trip due to family issues he will have a motor case available for me to use, if I wanted to help mix up a batch of propellant.  Cool…  So I worked on rocket construction during the day, and mixing propellant with Elvis at night. 

All is going well.  I will post photos of my project in the next few days. 

Here is the fin section in progress:  

The plywood is just to hold things together while the epoxy cures.

In the mean time here are some specs:


Filament wound fiberglass air frame. 4-3/8” diameter 92” long.

G-10 3/16” thick fins.  Clipped delta shape 7” root cord, 16” long

3” motor mount.


G-wiz altimeter.

15’ parachute.

Total estimated weight loaded 18lbs


Elvis “Poor-boy propellant”

3” six grain motor with graphite nozzle and plugged forward closure

Motor Designation: M2200  37% M

 No name for this rocket yet.  Any suggestions?



6 thoughts on “Poor boy going to Balls

  1. “A spatchcock is a poussin or game bird that is prepared for roasting or grilling or a bird that has been cooked after being prepared in this way. The method of preparing the bird involves removing the backbone and sternum of the bird and flattening it out before cooking”

    I am not sure if I want my rocket to be connected to a spineless flattened bird. I tend to shy away from names that may anger the rocket gods…

    For example:
    “Lawn Dart”
    “Prairie puncher”
    Though my friend once named a very successful rocket Icarus. So there is hope….

  2. Mitch says:

    Just dont call it the Jupiter 2.

  3. planetross says:

    What about “Ballroom Dancer”?

  4. planetross says:

    “Balls to the Walls … of Space” ?

  5. I’m thinking, “Golden Opportunity”

    These things NEVER work out like this! Glad that, for what ever reason, the stars aligned for ya!

    Oh! or, “Gift Horse”


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