The whistling canoe pose


Well I survived my second Yoga class.  I honestly think that the instructor mistook our class for the advanced yoga class.  We went through poses that even my lovely and bendy wife had trouble with.  I learned my lesson from the last class and didn’t eat for two hours before class, and I didn’t drink my customary “reward for surviving the day coke slushy”, so gas was in check. Still the class was hard. 

Apparently not everyone had listened to the instructor.

The class started out innocently enough.  Were going through some poses; one in particular really caught my attention, the Twisted Pigeon.  I just love the name.   Anything with Twisted in front of it I find amusing.  

Twisted Sister.

Twisted Tea.

Twisted anything.

I am so glad that I didn’t get that slushy.  But it wasn’t the twisting or the name I found funny.  It was the Canoe pose where I nearly lost it.  A young woman, just down from my wife, must have had a large carbonated beverage before she came to class.  We went down to the floor to get into the Canoe pose and Brrrraaap-squeek!  

The room echoes a lot. 

I had to fight hard not to bust out with a laugh or snicker.  It was nearly as hard as the last class where I was the one ‘holding one in’.  Then the entire scene kept re-playing in my mind and I felt a nearly irrepressible need to snicker.  I couldn’t relax during the meditation (Nap) period, I kept thinking how immature I was, but it was still funny.  What a dork I still am.

On the way home my wife and I discussed many optional names for yoga poses that have a high degree of flatulent potential.  

Here are the top five:

The barking Spider Monkey.

The whooping pigeon

The twisted salute

The canoe in the mud.

Greeting the sun and the moon.



3 thoughts on “The whistling canoe pose

  1. S. Le says:

    One is left to wonder why you aren’t writing a yoga book!

  2. Layman Pong says:

    The Moon in Uranus.

  3. planetross says:

    I definitely have to try yoga!

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