Return Continued….


Over the course of a single year my career has experienced a few changes. So far this year I have worked two jobs, one I love one I hate.  Quite the hated job and started another one I love, then quit the one I loved to move on to doing the same thing for the same company for more money, by resigning.  Go figure.

It started last July just after Independence Day.  Smells like irony.  Like some kind of super hero / anti-hero, I had two personalities.   During the day I was “Control System Specialist”, working for the Facilities dept.  During the night I was “Trades Instructor”, dress shirt and Dockers, imparting knowledge to my students.  It was difficult to keep my life in balance.

One day in August, shortly after my boss made his distaste for my occupation and personality clear, I got an offer I could not refuse.  Teach full time?  Travel to Denmark?  Toss away my facility uniform?  It was only a temporary position with an expiration date, and no guarantee of going back to facilities… forever.

Where do I sign? 

So to capture the year I with out giving out details I figure I would use bullet statements.  Because I like bullets and I am beginning to master a program I normally loathe, namely MS PowerPoint.

  • Boss pisses me off
  • 80% facilities 20% teaching leaves me 20% satisfied.
  • Offer comes up to become 100% satisfied, outside instructional contract.
  • Quit the 80% “first letter of resignation”.
  • Leave bridge behind un-scorched.
  • Add in the previous 20% and become a real busy 120%.
  • Earn lots and lots a teaching credibility, somehow.
  • College likes what I do; they may want me to work for them when contract is up.
  • Contract likes what I do; they may want me to work for them when contract is up.
  • Contract pays to fly me to Spain to discuss future.
  • Fly home in a hurry (son almost dies in accident)
  • Deal with emotions that I was not prepared for.
  • Spend weeks with broken son.  Son gets better, I go back to work.
  • Get offer from college to work as full time faculty member. (sort of)
  • Get offer from contract to work as full time instructional engineer.
  • Write second letter of resignation.  To the college.
  • Don’t look back.
  • Take deep breath, plunge into the deep end.


I need a drink.



3 thoughts on “Return Continued….

  1. Mike says:

    Sounds like a roller coaster but one heading in the right direction.

    Sorry to hear about your son but glad he’s on the mend.

  2. Mitch says:

    Tough choices to be sure. hope all is well with your son. When you get a chance email me with what happened.

  3. S. Le says:


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