Photos from Leon.

Here is a sign I ran across while touring cathedrals in Spain.

Not only must dogs be on leash, and you have to pick up their crap, but Nazis are not allowed.  I tell you Spain has some high standards.  What’s next?  Please don’t litter and by the way no serial killers allowed?  Sheesh.


4 thoughts on “Photos from Leon.

  1. detestament says:

    Haha, high standards indeed.

    Those gorgeous pictures remind me of spending time in Germany. Every little thing so different and so beautiful. Of course, so too are the little things so similar.

  2. planetross says:

    Nice photos.

    I like the Possibly related posts for this one:
    “Is it really that hard to pick up your dog’s crap?”
    followed by
    “Business For Sale in Spain”

    note: I have a question for you over at my blog.

    • stuntmonkey says:

      Sale? Once I was driving along on the prairie and saw a pile of cow manure with a sign. It said “Free”. -Pf

  3. Mitch says:

    Sure it doesnt say not to let your dog eat the Nazi propaganda?

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