Danish invasion


Last Sunday morning I went to the NCR experimental launch. 

While I was in Denmark I made a number of friends with the factory workers.  Some of whom said that they will be coming out to Colorado to help start up the factory.  During some drinks at the company Christmas party my hobby of amateur rocketry came up.  They were quite interested, and only half believed some of my stories.  I told them that I would take them out to a launch when they came out.  

That was back in November, they are finally here in Brighton starting up the factory.  Jørn and I were working out some quality issues on the factory floor when I mentioned that we had a launch coming up next weekend.  He was real excited and asked me if he could invite some of his friends to attend as well.  I said that he could bring as many as he  as he wanted.

PF and Jorn

I showed up to the launch at 9:15 and with in fifteen minutes the prairie was over run with Danes.  (That’s a bit of a stretch but they took three cars)  It’s always fun to show off my friends to my colleagues from Denmark, and visa versa.  I think they had a good time, they had lots of good questions and oood and aaahd at the appropriate times. 


They also took a zillion photos.  It was fun to hear launch announced and everything is quiet, then woosh the rocket leaps to the sky, ooh aah.  Then silence for a while until the parachute is deployed.  At that moment a flurry of Danish erupts from the spectators.  

5,4,3,2,1 Wooosh….

 oooh  aaah

Det var en stor lancering, jeg håber raket ikke falder på vores hoveder. Ooh, den faldskærm udløses Jeg tror vi er sikre nok. Jeg ville ønske vi havde øl.

Great fun.

My Danish colleagues are really getting the most out of their time here in Colorado.  The weekend before the launch they went to Las Vegas.  They rode horses, flew over the Grand Canyon and of course gambled in the casinos.  They liked the horse riding the best.
They left around noon to go to another fun adventure, namely shooting guns.  I wish I could have gone with them, but I wanted to stay behind and help close down the range. 


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6 thoughts on “Danish invasion

  1. I worked for a company based in Denmark for 18 months. I had a blast introducing some of the guys to American culture.

    My funniest story was years later when I had been telling my wife for over a year that I worked at a ‘Danish’ company. Finally one day she asked if I ever got free ones. “Free what?” I replied. “Danishes.”


    • When I was working in Viborg, Denmark it took me quite a while to find a pastry shop that sold Danishes. The search was worth it. Of course they didn’t call it a “Danish”

  2. S. Le says:

    Did they enjoy the “shows” in Vegas? Oh, sorry, what happens in Vegas… et cetra.

    I’ll bet they had fun out there on the range. Did you provide beers? That would make it even more fun!

    • They did have fun.
      No beer on the range until the waver is over.
      Alcohol rockets, explosives and firearms do not mix well.
      Things have to be done in the right order. Rockets, explosives, firearms, then alcohol.

  3. Now that is being a good host! It’s always fun to kind of show off what we can do here. I remember talking with my friend Al who’s British. He was coming to the U.S. for the first time and had some questions.

    Al: “What about the guns?”
    Me: “What about them?”
    Al: “Do you ever see any?”
    Me: “All the time. Do you want to go shoot some?”
    Al: “WHAT?!? No! Are they safe?”
    Me: Are you sure you don’t? I have a BSA Lee-Enfield that was made in 1916. You could shoot that.”
    Al: “Really? A British SMLE? Hmmm. Well, maybe that one…”

    We had a good time.

    BTW, I just launched an Estes rocket for my son for the first time. It went very, very well. He’s hooked…. and four. This is going to be FUN!


  4. planetross says:

    ahhh to be Danish in Colorado. I’m tired of just using the alphabet without cool squiggles, lines and circles bunched into sentences.

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