Happy April 15th!


Thank you for getting screwed.

So, it’s time to pay your taxes, big-freaking deal.  Everyone pays taxes every day of the year.  What is so special about today?

Many people pay taxes when they earn money.

Everyone pays taxes when they spend money.

Some pay taxes when they drive.

Some pay taxes when they eat.

Everyone pays taxes hidden in the higher price of everything.

Pay, pay, pay, pay, pay, oh and pay.

Unless you’re doing something else, like pay for a prostitute, drugs, or the neighborhood kid to mow your lawn.  Then it’s tax free.   Go figure.

Some of these taxes go towards stuff we all use.  A lot is wasted.  How much is under much debate.  I wish I had time to protest or start a tax revolt, but I have work to do.  

However, we don’t pay as much in taxes as some countries, but like liter boxes, taxes are a necessary evil.  And like a litter box it should be kept track of before it raises a big stink.  I think the problem is too many cats.  But that is just my opinion.  

It’s natural for Americans to resent taxes.  I think it is healthy.  However, let’s be honest and bitch about taxes when it counts, at election time.  April 14th is simply a due date; people have had since the first of the year to get their act together.

Normally, if you’re like the majority of Americans, you fill out your tax forms you find out that one of three things happened.

One:  You didn’t save enough or deduct enough and have to pay more to the government than you thought.  (You’re screwed)

Two:  You find out that you’re getting a refund, which means that you gave the government an interest free loan every month for the last year.  (You got screwed every month)

Three: You lucked out and nailed the deduction and don’t get a big return, maybe just a small one or have to pay just a little.  (You still get screwed but it is not your fault)

Or, if you’re a business owner you get screwed every quarter, then again today.

The IRS won’t say thank you, so I will.

I use some of what we all pay for.  The roads, the bridges, clean water, police, military, etc are paid for by people like me who earn a living.  Also there are a lot of my taxes that go to places I may disagree with.  

Sucks to get screwed, but at least I am saying thank you.  That’s something. 

So…. Thanks for getting screwed. 

Now go and protest for lower taxes, or less spending, or more handouts or whatever your game is…  I would join you, but I am too busy at work earning money, paying taxes, and enjoying life.


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2 thoughts on “Happy April 15th!

  1. S. Le says:

    I’d rather pay taxes than live off them.

    I’ve two cats. Somebody has to pick up the slack!

  2. Burrowowl says:

    If you’re a business owner you get screwed every quarter when you send in your checks, but you benefit every day from our socialist infrastructure, socialist police and fire services, workers educated in our socialist schools, and business contracts backed by our socialist justice system. Think of what an honest entrepreneur in Somalia wouldn’t give to be burdened with a tax man to get these services in return. Then again, a Somali businessman is free to bear whatever kind of weapon he can get his hands on, so that’s something.

    I’ve never received poor customer service from the IRS; I just send in my form every year and let my employer handle my deductions. I’d just as soon see a bigger shared covered by tariffs and capital gains taxes instead of income tax, but I think we all know how big political donors get their money.

    I absolutely agree that we should all be spending more of our personal energy and attention on enjoying our lives than milling around yelling about whatever segment of public policy we happen to disagree with.

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