Crack of Spring

Well it’s officially spring time in Colorado.  I know it starts on March 20th but to me spring doesn’t begin until we replace our windshield.  A few years ago we bought a Honda Element, best car I have ever owned.  However, like all cars it does have a down side, the windshield is prone to getting smacked by rocks particularly rocks that end up on the road after snow storms. 

I am not sure of these rocks are from the roads crumbling due to the freeze thaw cycle or they are placed there to help with traction, but they come with the winter and follow the snow. 

Every year we pick up a crack in the windshield around December then wait until we are sure it won’t snow any longer, then get it replaced.  It is so good to have a nice clean chip free windshield.  Now it is so clear that I can see Spring coming.

So I changed the header of my blog.  It is a photo of Woody and I at BALLS 06 about five seconds after the UprOar launch.



2 thoughts on “Crack of Spring

  1. S. Le says:

    All that dust you’ve kicked up may etch your new windscreen!

  2. planetross says:

    I usually know it’s finally spring (no more snow weather) when I see people changing their tires.

    note: other people know things.

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