I made a sign for my firepit area in my back yard. 

Ross from planetross gave me the idea.

Nice looking sign and it only took a few moments to make….

What a great site,  it’s quite addicting.  I wasted at least an hour dick-ing around with different signs badges, and junk.


I also designed a seal that I plan on printing on decal paper and placing it on all my home made projects…

Nothing says “Quality” like Marvin.



6 thoughts on “Signs

  1. S. Le says:


  2. planetross says:

    a “Fortress of Solitude” is better than a “Fortress of Liquiditude” … although sometimes they collide. hee hee!

    • That should have occurred to me, part of the course I teach is on the physical properties of substances.

      I would rather have a “Fortress of Liquiditude” than a “Fortress of Gasitude”!


  3. That’s fantastic! My wife refers to the basement as my “Lair.” I think I need a sign!

    Hey, I’ve been thinking about you lately. My son has become obsesses with rockets. OBSESSED! We’re leaving on Sunday to go to the Kennedy Space Center to watch STS-131 lift off.

    Rockets, rockets, rockets!


    • Sounds like a great opportunity. I have been to Florida a number of times. Each visit I go on a tour of NASA and literally spend the entire day ogling the rockets. Each visit I also miss any and all activity, launch wise. A few years ago my good friend Elvis went with his family to Florida for the first time in their lives. He calls me on his cell phone, “Guess what I am doing” he says. In the back ground I hear this terrible noise. He saw the shuttle launch. Rats. I hope you have that kind of luck.

      • We did! It was fantastic! Sorry that you’ve missed the actual launches but I was thinking about you while we were there. Short Stack was in heaven and amongst his own. He spent the majority of his time there clutching a model of either the Shuttle or the the Saturn V. In the rocket garden he immediately identified three of the rockets on sight.

        “That’s a Redstone rocket! And that one’s an Atlas! It has two engines! OH! LOOK! A Saturn IB!”

        Keep in mind that he turned four at the end of March. I’v had to do a lot of rocket research to keep up with him.


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