Places in back

I was so looking forward to spring.

In my back yard I have three areas where I like to spend the most time.  

Of course the number one area is the fire-pit.  Nothing is quite like chatting with friends around a raging fire.  A cold beer on the table, a little smoked sausage cooking over an open fire, if you listen closely you can hear the sound of a goose flying overhead.  Last weekend was just about perfect fire pit weather.  Not a whisper of wind in the air, cool but not cold, maybe just a touch of snow on the ground, just about perfect.  

Another area I love in the back yard is the little table and chairs next to the BBQ.  It is just the right size for a summer time breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning.  I haven’t used this area at all since the first snow.  Something about iron furniture that isn’t real friendly on the sitting muscles when it’s cold outside.

Then there is the pond.  That is more of a love hate relationship.  While I love the look and the sound of our pond, it is a constant challenge to keep clean and fresh.  Its been frozen for the last four months. 

Last night Mother Nature decided that she wanted to start spring out right, with just a little bit of moisture.  Looks nice, but makes it hard to find the wood pile let alone enjoy a fire.


Oh, well.  It should give the plants a nice deep watering.  Hope the trees don’t snap before it melts!




2 thoughts on “Places in back

  1. planetross says:

    My fortresses of solitude are down at the local river, on the edge of rice field country, hanging out with a good friend … or outside my frontdoor doing possibly good work on the BBQ and watching the cars drive by … possibly with the same good friend.
    Snow is a bitch getting to the former, but the latter is always ready.

  2. Fortresses of Solitude
    I like that.

    I am going to make that into a sign for my fire pit area.

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