I am Geek

I am a geek. 

I can prove it.  All you have to do is look at demographics.

Go to Thinkgeek.com and look at what they have in stock.

Then compare it to what I find entertaining, viola a geek.

For example, Thinkgeek sells a lot of stuff that is based on the following entertainment choices:

Star Wars

Star Trek

Monty Python

Serenity / Firefly.


Big Bang theory.


So I fit into the geek demographic, enough said.

This morning my lovely wife and I went shopping for some groceries.  Next door to the Whole foods market is the world’s best liquor store, Wilburs.  While looking for a new beer to try I ran across a new offering from the Black Sheep Brewery.


Monty Pythons Holy Grail.


How can a true geek possibly pass this up? 

So tonight my plan is to watch “Moon” on DVD while drinking some Holy Grail wearing my Blue Sun T shirt.  I may have to take a break and light my cigar with my Las Vegas, Star Trek Experience Zippo lighter.  

Oh, I will let you know how the beer tastes. 

But that’s not really the point is it?



One thought on “I am Geek

  1. planetross says:

    Some things have no point, but you have to buy them on principle.

    “I don’t have to buy this; I need to buy this.”


    “Because it’s there.”

    I hope you enjoy “Moon”. I liked that one.

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