Laughing at myself.

The other day my lovely wife and I went to the Honda dealer to get the oil changed on our Element.  After a nice breakfast at the Breakfast club, next to the dealer, we went to pick up the car.  The waiting room is quite nice and serves unlimited coffee in Styrofoam cups.  I didn’t really need more coffee, but I just can’t seem to pass up free coffee.  I blame HP.  That’s another story.

The car was ready to drive home so I took my coffee with me, carrying it around like an obligation.  About half way home I noticed that the yellow light was on.  Yes, that yellow light, the one right next to the gas gauge that lets me know that I foolishly let the gas tank run low.  It doesn’t beep, or chime or anything, it just turns on this silly yellow light.  So it was time to find a gas station, I figured that we had about ten miles or so. 

I took a sip from my coffee cup as we pulled into the gas station, the coffee was getting cold, but I sipped anyway.   I got out of the car and put the coffee cup on top of the gas pump and began pumping gas.  This sounds like work, like pumping gas involves physical labor.  All I did is swipe my card and pull the little lever on the gas pump.  While waiting for the tank to fill I started reading all the signs that are placed on the gas pumps. 

Most of these signs seem a bit over kill on safety.  I won’t go into them all but, I did have to smile at the warning lable describing the dangers of pumping gas while using a cell phone. I just watched the Mythbusters episode where they busted the myth of cell phones causing gas station fires.  I was just reading the warning about static electricity when I reached for my coffee cup. 


I must have jumped a foot.  The coffee spilled down my arm.  I think I made a noise.  Not a scream, more like a startled squeak.  After a slight pause I just had to laugh at myself.  The pump stopped filling, so I removed the handle, got my receipt, and got back into the car.  I was still giggling when I got into the car; my wife naturally asked me what was so funny. 

I told her it was me.  I was what.

After I told her the story she laughed as well. 

What about you?  When was the last time you laughed at yourself?


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2 thoughts on “Laughing at myself.

  1. Spudgun says:

    Are you kidding PF? I laugh at myself every day!

  2. planetross says:

    If laughter is the best medicine, than I’m self medicating. hee hee!

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