Conservative public radio


I was driving home from Denver the other day and decided to listen to the radio rather than a CD.  My car stereo has the usual shortcut buttons on the front.  Between my wife and I we have them programmed to jump to the stations that we both generally listen to.  Actually there are more buttons than stations; good music is not easy to find in Denver.

Anyway, I turn on the radio and the first station was on commercials, so I kept pressing buttons.  Radio channel surfing.  I found nothing, so I switched to AM.  Conservative talk radio or sports were my only option.  I hate sports talk.   

I don’t remember who was yakking about what, the host was probably bitching about Obama, Congress, and our Imperial federal government morphing into a communist plot to make every American into a poor nanny dependant wus.  But I do remember that the show quickly went to commercial.  It was the commercials that began to fascinate me. 

First was a public service announcement from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Apparently it is against the law to discriminate against people.  Who would have known?  The ad was paid for by HUD, and the Ad Council.  

I thought this was kind of ironic.  The federal government, using tax dollars, paid for an advertisement during a conservative talk show that damns our government for wasting money.  

The next ad was another public service announcement about how tough it is for some children to get good grades in school when they are poor.  The ad was paid for by the Department of Education. 

Ok, this is getting strange.  Two in a row? 

I was tempted to change the station, but I had to know how far this would go.

The next ad was yet another public service announcement regarding how dangerous it is to text while you drive and that it was either illegal or will soon be.  It was paid for by the National Transportation and Safety Board, Colorado Department of Transportation, the Ad Council and this Station.

I started to think that maybe the Government is footing the entire bill for this Conservative radio program!  NCR?

The next ad was for a company called Survival Bank Seeds.  Claiming that when the country goes into the toilet and you have to grow a Crisis garden, non hybrid seeds will be the new currency.    I changed the station back to FM.

When I switched I found NPR.  All Things Considered was being sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

At that point I put in a CD.


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2 thoughts on “Conservative public radio

  1. Burrowowl says:

    I am shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

  2. r says:

    Dig deeper.

    Those radio spots are indeed funded by the Federal Government– out of the stimulus programs.

    Some of the impact goes to the radio station’s bottom lines, and you’ll have to assume those stations will be co-opted in the medium run.

    In the shorter run, however, the bulk of the money goes to the production houses that produce the spots’ contents: our tax dollars and national credit are being used to keep those firms alive and ready to receive Obama campaign dollars starting, oh, around now.

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