Best wife.


Last year it took me until April to get the Christmas lights put away.  I usually blame the weather.  It is tough to stay up on the roof when it’s covered with snow. And while less dangerous, the lights all over the front yard would usually require a cold chisel to free up the wires from the ice.  This year we were confronted with a momentary warm snap between storms so I carefully packed up the dozen or so strings of lights that my lovely wife and somewhat helpful son’s put up while I was in Denmark.

I wasn’t sure if my lovely wife even noticed that I put away all the lights, cords, adapters, and holiday falderal that decorated the front yard.  I wasn’t sure until later in the afternoon when we were driving to the supermarket and noticed that another house had their Christmas decorations frozen to their front yard.  My wife pointed it out and said, “Slackers” 
She never misses an opportunity to comment on the little the little things I do.

Speaking of my lovely wife…  She recently read a book I finished a few weeks ago.  The book, One Second After by William R Forstchen, is about what happens to a small town in America once an EMP bomb wipes out all technology.  It was sobering stuff in many ways.  Near the end of the book it is observed that a popular form of currency would become the firearm cartridge.  For example one rabbit for 5 bullets, a squirrel for three.  I guess this really hit home for my lovely wife.  Every time I go into a sporting goods store she encourages me to buy more ammo.  She also knows that when I go to the range with my friends we usually go through quite a bit of lead.  I like to share.  Anyway, I think I am up to about 5000 rounds of ammo in various calibers, enough for quite a bit of rabbit stew and squirrel jerky. 

Add to this the fact that my wife is lobbying to reverse the traditional Valentine’s Day holiday to one where women buy their men gifts, makes her quite the prize.  

I have to be one of the luckiest men alive.  And she has to be the right kind of crazy to stay with me for so many years.  

Happy Valentine’s Day. 

I wish everyone was as lucky as I am.

And crazy as my wife must be… 



One thought on “Best wife.

  1. planetross says:

    In Japan, only women give chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Men reciprocate on March 14th “White Day”. It’s a total scam. (sad face)

    How many bullets for a wife? hee hee!

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