Conspiracy theory, theory


Some people believe that there are offices and agencies in our government that conspire to hide information from the general public.  I am talking about conspiracy theorists who believe that Aliens crashed in Roswell, Vaccines are really DNA samples, CCD cameras are all linked together, and Daytime TV has mind control properties. They believe that government agencies are secretly controlling our lives, reading our minds, and generally doing evil things behind our backs.  Conspiracy theorists must also believe that a disinformation and denial agency like “Men in Black”, whose sole purpose is to discredit and distract the public when information accidentally leaks out, must also exist.

Others believe that these activities are far too difficult to be covered up by a government that can’t even deliver mail consistently, find weapons of mass destruction, or cover up intern abuse. 

How can a government be smart, sneaky, and secretive, while at the same time be incompetent, foolish, and silly?  These beliefs seem to be at odds with one another. 

I have a theory of my own…

I believe that there is a government office in charge of making government offices appear to be inept, ineffective, slow, and idiotic.  In fact, to truly be effective in covering up complex hidden agendas and effective secret conspiracies is to purposely create idiotic and inefficiently operating government agencies.  

This also answers a lot of questions.

I recently found that not only is this indeed a real agency, but they have been active for a long time. 

Office for Perpetuating Idiocy in Government.


Yes, a tax payer funded government agency whose purpose is to give the general public a false image if incompetence by purposely creating chaos and disorder.

The role of this top secret government office is to convince the American public that our government is somehow capable of solving all of our problems while at the same time incapable of hiding any secrets that may cause general panic.  I know this to be true because I was recently contacted by one of their agents. 

To be continued….

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2 thoughts on “Conspiracy theory, theory

  1. Burrowowl says:

    a… false? image of incompetence?

    Of course, the Social Security Administration and US Postal Service both work pretty darned well, so maybe you’re on to something there.

  2. S. Le says:

    I’m actually a bit freaked out by our GPS which know exactly where we are! Big Brother indeed!

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