Zombie Pride

Great news for zombie movie fans, the book “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” is being made into a movie.  Even better news, Natalie Portman will be staring in the leading role.  I have been a fan of this actress for a long time, ever since she was in “Leon-The Professional”. 

I think she is perfect for the role as Elizabeth Bennet. She has already had vast experience working with zombies before, specifically while working with Hayden Christenson during the last two Star Wars movies.  

I really like the idea of zombies in 1800s England.  Watching the reactions of these prim and proper people to the horror of flesh eating zombies should be loads of fun.  

The rest of the casting will be very interesting to watch.  Donald Sutherland should still take the role of Mr. Bennet I would like to see just how unflappable he can really be.  I don’t think any other actor could pull this off.  Ok, Sean Connery could do it. But there could be consequences…

However, who should play Mr. Darcy?  


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6 thoughts on “Zombie Pride

  1. epokeefe says:

    How about James McAvoy? He’s got some action credits and I think he’d be excellent as the romantic interest and zombie killing monster-hunter. Well, maybe he’s not tall enough.

    • I remember him in “Wanted”. Yea, he is a bit too short. He will play a Gnome in a movie entitled Gnomeo and Juliet. But hey it’s the movies; they can make people look short, tall, skinny, fat, ugly, beautiful, etc. Why not?
      I am cool with about anyone except Christian Bale.

  2. cave blogem says:

    Vin Diesel. I think it is the role he has been looking for, a crossover to the whole Masterpiece Theatre thing.

  3. The book was a hoot — especially the illustrations. Since a movie is just one long illustration, I expect it will be better than the book.

  4. planetross says:

    What next? an Oliver Twist Zombie movie? … one can only dream.

  5. Spudgun says:

    Bruce ‘effing Campbell ftw!

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