Post Apocalyptic binge



It seems that movies and books of late are focusing on a theme that I have always found compelling.  When I was young I loved movies like “Planet of the apes”, “Soilent green”, “Last man on earth”, and stories about the Post Apocalyptic World (PAW).  For some reason these appeal to me.  Most of these stories have one theme in common; we did it to our selves.  I am cool with that, however it does get tiring.  Maybe that’s why I liked “Night of the Comet” and “Dawn of the Dead” in these movies shit just happened, we weren’t meant to feel guilty for it. Lately it seems that there is something missing from the PAW movies and books.

Ok, so it is our fault the world sucks… what else is new.

In the early movies and books it was a fear of technology that drove the world to collapse.  Then the nuclear age spawned numerous atomic monsters and global nuclear war.  Now we are in the eco-age where all chemicals are un-natural and Mother Nature is enacting her revenge on the parasite/disease/virus that is the human race.

I went to see the Book of Eli this last weekend.  I found it to be an entertaining movie, depressing, and dark, but I enjoyed it.  The week before, I completed the book “One Second After” today I just finished “The Road”.  So you could say I am on a doomsday binge.

No I haven’t seen 2012 and do not plan to anytime soon.  I am more interested in what happens in the aftermath rather than watching the world go to hell one CGI effect at a time.  Besides, I believe that the Mayans simply ran out of room on their calendar.

I am a bit disappointed with the latest batch of post apocalyptic flicks.  I think I know what is missing… My favorites are the ones that are a bit more optimistic, where human beings are viewed as more heroic and noble, overcoming great odds and surviving with style.  It seems that the majority of movies and books are little more than misanthropic nightmares where only the good die young and the worlds population automatically reverts to cannibalistic mutant thugs bent on rape and worship death and pain. 

Sure the world goes to hell, and there is lots of change, but where is the hope? 

Oh well, I still enjoy these movies.  Does that make me a sick and twisted dork?

What’s your favorite PAW movie or book?



2 thoughts on “Post Apocalyptic binge

  1. OMG, “The Road” … after I finished that one, I just went outside so I could stand in the sunshine for a while.

  2. Spudgun says:

    PF, Ive thought about it quite a bit… Im gonna have to go with Mad Max.

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