The holidays are officially over.  How do I know?  Because my lovely wife un-decorated the house last weekend.  She does a fabulous job decorating the house.  Now that it is un-decorated everything looks cold and empty.  The Tree is now in the back yard on the snow, surrounded by a zillion pine needles. The candles, stockings, nutcrackers, ribbons, bows, candy, etc are all put away in their boxes for the season.  The Christmas lights are still up in the front yard.  That’s only because they are frozen to the ground, it may take until spring before they are finally put away.

            It is sad to see the holidays come to a close; however, there is a bright spot on the horizon.  Candy hearts.  I just love candy hearts.  Too bad the only time of year I can get candy hearts is about an hour after the New Year begins.

So Valentines Day is fast approaching.  Big deal, I am not a fan of this trumped up holiday.  (Other than the candy hearts) The holiday seems to be about martyred saints, cheesy cards, chocolate, the color red, hearts, and cherubs.  It really makes one wonder how this stuff gets started.  I personally think it is a conspiracy between fourth grade teachers, Hallmark, and See’s candy. 



2 thoughts on “un-decorating

  1. S. Le says:

    I actually like my home better without all the Christmas folderol. Nice candy. I actually saw some Valentine stuff on shelves BEFORE Christmas! Sheesh!

  2. planetross says:

    Valentine’s Day Hearts bleed
    … people of a lot of money.

    Come to Japan and Valentine’s Day is only women giving men presents … but the catch is there is something called White Day on March 14th when all the men have to reciprocate and buy stuff for women who bought them something on Valentine’s Day. ……………………total scam.

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