Caroling for the living dead

Last weekend my lovely wife hosted a caroling party at our home.  The 4 Fs that I enjoy so much was available in plenty, food, fun, friends, and fire.  It started out with friends showing up, then after some food the fun began as we attempted to sing some Christmas Carols for the folks who live in the community behind our house.  

First, I have to tell you about some of the fine people who live behind us.  They are old, every single one of them.  That is the whole point of the community.  It is not an assisted care facility, just a bunch of apartments that was designed for the needs of people “of a certain age”.  They make great neighbors.  The community is quiet and the residents are charming and go to bed early.  We built a gate in our back yard specifically so some of the residents can come by in the summer and pick flowers or vegetables from our garden. 

So we figured that it would be a great place to spread the holiday cheer.  We started early, so not to disturb anyone.  The first place we hit had some lights on, so we figured they were awake and ready for some holiday crooning.  After the first song one lady peeked our of her screen door and waved to us.  Ok, so far so good.

The second place we noticed that a television was on and a few people were watching a movie, so we started into Silent night.  The window to the day room was opened to let in some of the chilly night air so we knew they would be able to hear us.  About three lines into the carol someone got up and slammed the window shut.  I moved up a few feet to take a peek inside.  The movie was the original Wizard of Oz.  The old bats were probably rooting for the witch.

This went on all around the block; so we decided to move on to a more responsive neighborhood.  We worked our way back home and only stopped to perform in front of houses that had some outward appearance of Christmas spirit.  I know, this is kind of like preaching to the choir but it was more rewarding.  People came out and showed their appreciation, and that’s nice.  At least it’s better than having a window shut on you in favor of the wicked witch of the west.

Afterwards we retired to the back yard fire-pit for some coffee and Irish cream.  It was a nice evening to catch up with friends and laugh about some unfortunate mistakes made while singing the twelve days of Christmas.  I somehow messed up on the eight maids a milking, it sounded like ‘mate aids of ilking’

Oh well, it was our first annual caroling party.  Next year I will try to get the lyrics right, and choose another neighborhood.



3 thoughts on “Caroling for the living dead

  1. planetross says:

    I’ve never done the Christmas carolling thing … or had it done on me.
    I’d probably like it though.

    The Wizard of Oz usually runs on tv at Easter … from what I remember.
    Don’t come a singing if “It’s a Wonderful Life” is on though. hee hee!

  2. S. Le says:

    I’m a very good singer but don’t enjoy carolling. Weird, innit?

    Nice post though.

    Happy Christmas! Hope your stocking is filled with all sorts of ordnance. But not whilst wearing it!

  3. planetross says:

    Merry Christmas!

    I hope the best for your family.

    note: I think I commented already, but … have a good Christmas… now it’s back to “It’s a Wonderful Life”. hee hee!

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