p-plads syd

When I was in High school I took a photography class.  The two things I remember the most was that stoners and weird chicks took the class, and photography is more difficult that it looks.  I borrowed my Dad’s SLR and found that there are all kinds of settings that need to be set just perfect.  You had to know the ASA of the film, the shutter speed, depth of field, etc. etc.  Everything was manual, including the focus.  The real work began after the picture was taken.  The film had to be taken out of the camera, developed, and then projected onto special paper in a dark room.  Even the paper had to be exposed just right. Cropping, dodging developing, fixing, rinsing, etc,  if you took the class you know what I mean.  Anyway, now I have a digital camera and the controls are as simple as can be.  I turn it on and push the button down a little, it does all the work then, when a green light comes on, I take the photo.  Again, like my Dad’s old manual SLR the real work begins after the photo is taken.  

When Winston took us to the beach on West coast of Denmark I took a lot of pictures.  When I got back I removed the memory card transferred the photos to my laptop.  No problem.  Then I found that a lot of the pictures were missing.  So I went looking for them, in the camera.  It turns out that the little camera has its own internal memory.  Now the work begins.  Trying to convince my camera to move the pictures from internal memory to a memory card is like talking a five year old child into going to bed when the sun is still up.

What’s the point of this long and tedious story?  Just as an introduction to some more photos of the trip with Winston to the West Coast.  I used to work and play at the Folsom Lake Marina in California.  The majority of the boats were recreational sail boats.  This marina was quite different.  


Oh, and back to the shell house.  

I noticed that there is a sign posted on the front window.  It says Toilet along with something in Danish. Oh, and toilet means the same thing in English as in Danish, there are a lot of words like that. The sign also says “P-Plads SYD”. 


Thanks to Google Translate I now know what it actually says.  P-Place South.  I am now left wondering if there are three other P-Places around town.  It’s always good to know where a P-place is located.



2 thoughts on “p-plads syd

  1. S. Le says:

    Always good information!

    You know you blog a lot more whilst away from home. Just sayin’.

  2. At home I have a lot more to do. Wife to pamper, rockets to build, VW to work on, fireworks to make… Now all I can do is work, and be a tourist. Which isn’t bad for a few weeks, but it’s getting old.

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