Drive to Randers

Today was my first day in Randers. Randers is home of the Vestas headquarters, or at least it used to be; now it does a lot of documentation, training, and service stuff.  They are a bit fuzzy about exactly what they do there.  But that’s ok with me, I am there to learn.  It’s about 45km from my hotel room, so this is my first opportunity to do some driving in Denmark.  Unfortunately my first driving experience would be in the pre dawn darkness during a rain and wind storm.  Thank goodness for the GPS.  One of its many features is the ability to show you the current speed limit.  This is a great feature because the road signs are not much help.  Most of the time the only speed limit sign is has a number with a circle around it and two diagonal gray lines.  This means that the speed is no longer what it was.  So if you see such a sign with a 60 inside, it means that the speed limit is no longer 60kph.  It doesn’t give any clue to what it went to after you pass the sign, but that’s where the GPS magic happens.  


One of the really fun things about driving in Denmark is the traffic lights.  First they have only a few lights; most of the small intersections are roundabouts.  But when you do have to stop at a traffic light they warn you that they are soon to turn green with another yellow light.  So it’s Green/Yellow/Red, then Red/Yellow/Green.  It’s like a drag race.  But you have to watch out, because they react to a green turning to yellow the same way we do in America.  


It wasn’t hard to find the building in Randers because it has a wind turbine right behind the building.  It’s odd being that close to something that massive and powerful.  It’s kind of like being next to a Ferris wheel when its going way to fast and there is no one at the controls.


After lunch I had a serious craving for some sweets.  So I bought something in the vending machine.  Here is a photo. 


It didn’t make me sleepy at all.  Snore is Danish for Cable.  (rope)

It’s not as vile as I thought it would be.  Salty lickerish is real popular in Denmark; some is so salty that simply placing salt in your mouth would actually taste less salty.  I do not know how that is done.  Its like making candy sweeter than pure sugar.  But not.


Anyway, first day in Randers went well.


5 thoughts on “Drive to Randers

  1. I used to work for a company called Linak that was based in Denmark. We had a few Danish nationals stationed at our factory here in KY that I got to be pretty chummy with. The Danes were a lot of fun. That salty licorice was pretty nasty if I recall. The worst though was Gammel Dansk, a liquor that tasted like fermented socks. Avoid it at all costs if possible, though if offered, it’s an insult to not drink.

  2. P.S. The American guys and I discovered that the best insult you can ever throw at a Dane is to ask them how many Nazis their grandmothers slept with during the Occupation. Save that for only a 911 situation and be prepared to run or throw punches.

  3. planetross says:

    I know that salty licorice … puke.

    I get confused at round abouts … in a round about way.

  4. Here in the K-Y we refer to round-abouts as ‘rotaries’. I think it is way more civilized.

    • Yes, I believe that as well. I also really enjoy the fact that in the early morning, when there is next to no traffic, you can blaze right through a small trafic circle (roundabout) with out slowing down.

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