Tough day….

Last Wednesday it rained.  Rain in Denmark is hardly a newsworthy event; in fact I have a theory as to why Denmark is known as a clean and tidy country.  It’s because the rain washes everything, day in and day out.  News flash:  Yesterday the sun came out, the streets were dry for over an hour, and someone reported a UFO.  It turned out to only be an airplane.

Wednesday was a bit different because the rain was accompanied by gale force winds.  It was also the day that we were scheduled to go to the America vs. Denmark Futball (soccer) match in Arhus.  So we waited for the chartered buss to drive us to Arhus in driving rain.  We were most fortunate, the rain and wind stopped, well slowed to a tolerable level, before the game started.  Our host for this event was most gracious; he supplied tickets, sandwiches, soda, and T shirts to all the people on the bus before we left.  The T-shirts had an American flag on one side of the chest and a Denmark flag on the other.  The stadium was small, but cozy.  I don’t know how much the tickets cost but the beer was reasonable.  In America a beer during a sporting event costs a fortune and you get a thimble sized Budweiser.  At the stadium I was able to get a large Tourborg and a foot long frankfurter for only 75 Kroners (15$) what a deal.  

A person was walking around the stands giving away hats.  First, I have to say that these are probably the silliest looking hat ever made. Second, they were given away by Danish Oil and Natural Gas.  Also known as “DONG”. Everyone simply had to have a hat that said DONG Energy.  I wonder if Viagra knows about this.

In case your wondering who won, it was Denmark.  We did score first and held the lead for the entire first half.  The half time show was rather anemic.  Futball cheerleaders really need to get to America and see how it’s done.  They didn’t really stink; they just need a lot of work to keep the audience interested.  Maybe it was the music.  80s era techno-euro-pop doesn’t have the kind of thump needed for chearleading.  The stadium was small so once someone started the Wave it seemed to go around the stadium over and over again.

It must have made six laps before petering out.  After the half time show the Danes must have brought in the real players.  They preceded to hand us our ass on a platter.  The final score was 1-3, but I think that’s just how bad they wanted to beat us.  It could have been much worse, but I think the Danes have a highly developed sense of mercy.

After the game, (10pm) the stadium turned into a human river.  People flowed out of the stadium like being flushed down of a toilet.  It was nearly impossible not to go with the flow. After walking for some distance I found that there was not a single person from our original group with in eyesight.  I got lost.  Again.

Finally after making a lap around the entire stadium grounds and parking area I found the bus, it was just on the other side of an eight foot barbed wire fence. Luck for me I brought gloves.  I walked up to the bus and heard a call from a colleague behind me.  It was Tom, and he got stuck on the wrong side of the fence as well.  He asked me how I got around the fence, I told him I climbed it.  Tom is not the age or shape to be climbing fences.  So he started back down to the stadium to find a way around.  I got on the bus and found that there are four others who hadn’t made it back.  Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one lost; now I could do my part to find the others.  An hour later we found the bus again, this time all were present.  

It was 11:00 pm and we had an hour bus drive to look forward too.  The driver opened what I thought was a large glove compartment built into the bus’s dash board.  It turned out to be a built-in ice chest full of beer.  We started passing around Tourborg beer.  Yes it helped the time go by but it also had an unfortunate side effect.  Recycling.  You only rent beer after all.  By midnight we arrived at the supermarket where we parked our cars.  Then it started to rain again.  The marked is called Litl, and we found a place around the back to add to the rain before going home.  It was almost 1:00 am by the time I got to sleep.  The next day was a bit rough, but I survived anyway.  

It was another adventure to add to my list of accomplishments.  Sleep deprivation was the only price. 



2 thoughts on “Tough day….

  1. caveblogem says:

    Dude, Mom gave me this book to read when I was in California last weekend. It is a sort of memoir written by Christopher Buckley about the year both his parents died. So anyway, turns out that William F. Buckley Jr., the Lion of the Right, used to (while driving down the freeway or in the city or simply wherever) open the door of his car and pee into the slipstream.

    That, my friend, is cool. The very definition of it. The agony I would have saved myself ove the years by having those kinds of brass ones . . .

  2. planetross says:

    Were you wearing your “DONG” hat? I see some in the video were. hee hee!

    Watching sports events in another country is always fun.

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