tak for alt

The weekend has been nice, but it is back to work tomorrow.  I will be working on the part of the production line where they mate the drive shaft with the gear box.  This doesn’t sound interesting, but it is.  First the size and weight is quite formidable. Second it’s really quite a high tech device.  It is also interesting work due to my co-workers, they are both really odd and interesting.  I have been working with two process instructors named Jimmy and Viel.  Jimmy is German and likes to shoot air rifles for a hobby.  Viel is from Transylvania and reminds me a bit of Frodo Baggins.   They have a good sense of humor and speak many obscure languages including English, which helps.  


            I spend part of the day strolling through a grave yard.  I can’t tell you how beautiful the gardening is in their cemeteries.  I stopped periodically in front of a headstone to use my pocket PDA to look up the meanings of the inscriptions below the dates. The most popular inscription was “tak for alt”, which translates to “Thanks for Everything”.  What’s interesting to me is who is the thanks going too?  It could be God, or the graves occupant? Maybe it’s everyone that person knows, or my personal favorite, it’s a proclamation of having no regrets.  

I like that.


3 thoughts on “tak for alt

  1. S. Le says:

    Very cool. Love the sentiment. Glad it didn’t translate into, “So long and thanks for all the fish.” Although that would be truly hilarious.

  2. planetross says:

    It seems the reverse of many inscriptions like “He will be missed” or “the dearly departed” which focus on the ones still alive.

    I like it.

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