Ny kollega

I made a new friend last night before bed.   

Kat Friend

She told me her name, but it was in what ever language cats speak in Denmark.  I couldn’t pronounce it.  Then this morning during breakfast I spoke with the innkeeper Anna and she said that the cat’s name is Greta.  Like most Danes the cat was quite friendly and talkative.  Like most cats it was aloof and gave me cat-but-in-the-face to tell me the conversation was over.  I think she knows that I am a cat person, and is willing to be a surrogate pet during my stay.  Cats are hard to read, it could be just screwing with me.  



3 thoughts on “Ny kollega

  1. Archvillain says:

    When a cat sticks her butt in your face, she’s inviting you (as she would another cat) to give her a sniff. This is not recommended, but you can take your fingers and fluff the hair on her butt to get the same result.

    Cats do seem to have a sixth sense about how to find suckers. I suspect there is a green cross visible only to cats that hovers above our heads.

    In my travels around Europe and North Africa, I frequently found cats who meowed in English (by which I mean they responded when I meowed at them). People I was with used to say I could always find pussy. Interesting that Danish cats do not meow in English.

  2. S. Le says:

    I’m sure she is messing with you but don’t let that stop you. She’s lovely.

    • S. Le says:

      My son in law talks “cat” but says whilst in Italy, the Italian cats didn’t respond to him. Probably the same thing would apply in Denmark.

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