DK Flounder day 5


The weekend is finally here.  Normally this would be a time for me to do all kinds of work around the house, or goofing off with friends.  More than likely the later of the two, alcohol may also be involved.  But here in Denmark other things to do, however, alcohol may be involved anyway.  I did spend a few hours walking around Viborg and checking out the sights.  I am also working on updating my curriculum with all that I have learned at work.  Its amazing how complicated it is to generate electricity from the wind, especially millions of watts at a time.  We are talking big high tech power here.  I love it.


I also went shopping.  Grocery shopping that is.  It is not really different than shopping for food in the states.  You pick out stuff, take it to the check out isle, and then pay for your goodies.  The only real difference is that the customer is expected to do all the bagging, weighing, sorting, and labeling.  My only complaint is there seems to be a real shortage of microwave fast food available.  People here actually cook.  This is probably just fine for the Danes, but I am really missing having microwave burritos handy, oh little Juan how I miss you.  South of the “American” border food is really scarce, maybe it’s hiding in Copenhagen, I don’t know.  I doubt it.  If anyone opens a Taco Bell in Viborg I will be its first customer.


I also miss Eggs and bacon.  The standard breakfast around here is serial, fruit, and or salami and ham sandwiches.  Special K seems to be the most popular cereal.  There is also something that looks like a hash-brown patty, don’t be fooled.  It is really some kind of fish.  Getting fish when you expect potato is an experience.  I won’t make that mistake again. 


I swear I will be going through grease withdrawals soon.  When I get back to the states I will probably be totally repulsed by anything cooked in oil or I will pounce on tub of Snow-cap lard like a starving kitten pouncing on an open can of Friskies.


I spent a good three hours walking around Viborg today.  I found some good statues and architecture to photograph.


I also found that a lot of Danes are quite willing to chat to strangers about all kinds of things.  I had a long conversation with one woman about how much controversy was created a few years ago when a new building was built right in front of a 16th century church.  She was searching and searching for the right English word to describe her feelings.  We both finally settled on “Clashes”.  Then her husband arrived and she introduced him and we talked some more.  It got me to thinking about how I act when I meet strangers in America.  How eager I am to stop and talk to a stranger who is obviously from over seas.  In this regard the Danes are quite remarkable. I have much to learn. 


I have also started to really appreciate good sculpture.  I guess I got used to ugly modern sculptures that are so prevalent in Colorado.  It seems that anyone in possession of a bunch of scrap metal and plaster can whip together an eyesore and win a government contract.  Here in Denmark beautiful stone carvings of figures are common, old, but common. 




I have a bit of a crush on this one.  I have visited her twice in as many days.  

 Statue 3

Tomorrow we are planning on a trip to Ringkobing for the day.  The excuse is to visit with our colleagues that we left at the airport.  I will be spending a week in Ringkobing in three weeks, my last week here.  My reason is that I want a preview; it is supposed to be a beautiful place.




2 thoughts on “DK Flounder day 5

  1. S. Le says:

    I couldn’t face a ham or salami sandwich for breakfast. And what’s wrong with bacon then?!? Those silly Danes.

    The statue is lovely but I hope you kept your hands to yourself. You could get arrested you know! (I was going to make some odd remark about statue-itory rape but that would be inappropriate and better suited to Planetross’s blog.)

  2. planetross says:

    I like that statue for some reason.

    I have images of the maker sanding/grinding/smoothing the bum in some warehouse somewhere … smoking a cigarette and wearing goggles.

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