DK flounder Day 2

It’s not exactly the Prairie but Denmark is flat.  Or so they say.  I couldn’t tell you much about it, I just got here and currently my work hours coincide with the sun.  The flight over is as I expected.  Like most overseas journeys, the trip over here was tedious and uncomfortable, but not as painful as I feared.  I left on Monday evening and landed Tuesday night.  I fell that I somehow lost a day.  The sun somehow never came up twice, odd.

At the airport I changed all my dull and boring American money into styKierco85

lish and snazzy Danish Kroners. 

I managed to stay awake, well mostly, for the entire trip in an effort to stave off the worst of effects of Jet-lag.  The strategy is mostly working.  As I write this it is 1900 hours and only feels like Midnight, I will try to stay up another hour before going to bed.

I will try to update you often with my adventures here in the DK during my stay.  I will be here and there for a total of five weeks, a few weeks in Viborg, a few weeks in Rinkobing, and then a week in Randers.  

 Viborg factory

Oh here is a photo of the place I am working during the daylight hours.

More later on….



4 thoughts on “DK flounder Day 2

  1. caveblogem says:

    Looks like you are stranded at IKEA. . . . I was going to call you before you left to see how you were doing but things got all nutty again here. Sorry about that. Looks like you are happy, or possibly just really tired. Tough to tell.

  2. Jet-lag has caused me to be both Happy and tired. Now it is reall catching up with me….

  3. S. Le says:

    You need a taller table!

  4. planetross says:

    It’s an adventure blog now! … serialized and everything! cool.

    Have fun!

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