“No thank you”



I did a little shopping the other day.  Well, actually it was a lot of shopping.  It was one of those days where for some reason I found it necessary to make a lot of stops at many different stores.  In one afternoon went to the grocery store, a home improvement store, a liquor store, an electronics retailer, pet store, and a Sporting goods store.  At each and everyone I was asked if I needed something.  I must have said “No thank you” from six to twelve times at each store.


I understand that people who work in these stores have a job to do.  One of their jobs is to be helpful; another is to offer chances to join their club cards, credit cards, frequent customer cards, etc.  Lately they also started asking me to donate my change to give to one charity or another.  This gets to be kind of tedious, but it’s the world we live in and normally I am game with saying “No thank you”, a lot.  Hey, the employees of these fine establishments don’t know that other employees have already asked “Can I help you find anything?” so logically I shouldn’t hold it against them.  But it’s hard not too.  


Sometimes I say yes even when I don’t need help, just so the employee can act as a buffer as I make my way across the store.  Others generally don’t ask if I need help if I already have some.  I wonder if other people use this strategy.  If enough people do this maneuver it’s no wonder this kind of thing is getting out of hand.  Everyone seems to need much more help than they used to…


So like I said, this is just a little bit tedious on a day where I only visit one store.  But after four or five retail visits I begin to feel assaulted by kindness.  I try really hard not to get snippy.  I know that each person has said the same phrase about a thousand times a day.  They are as tired of it as I am. 
So I am thinking of designing a T-Shirt to help…


No thank you, I do not want…

  • any help
  • a membership card
  • to charge this on your store credit card
  • to give you my phone number
  • help with the groceries
  • to give my change to your charity
  • a free sample
  • a free newspaper
  • to take your online survey
  • to see a demonstration

I just want to buy some stuff and leave.


That should save some time, and help prevent me from seething under my skin while patiently saying “No thank you” for the zillionth time.




3 thoughts on ““No thank you”

  1. S. Le says:

    Which is worse then:

    1. too much help
    2. no help when you need it?

  2. That’s a good question.
    Maybe I will have to make the shirt electro-illuminating so I can turn it off when I need help! Maybe, turn everything off except the word Help.

  3. planetross says:

    6 stores in one outing!!! that’s a record that’s going to be hard to break!

    People who come up to my table in restaurants and ask me what I want are just nosey bastards. hee hee!

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