Hot air.

What a gigantic letdown.  The Meetings called, Congress on my Corner, with Becky Markey went off with nary a peep from protestors.  The only glitch with the proceedings was the fact that my air conditioning system was having trouble keeping up. 


It seems that political rhetoric creates more hot air than my air conditioning system could handle.  I did my best to compensate by changing the control parameters.  I had to ask the poor thing to far exceed its design.  The sacrifices we expect of machines should never go unnoticed. 


I doubt that this meeting produced much in the way of results.  I didn’t attend but I imagine that the content included both preaching to the converted and listening to the opposition bitch.  (No pun intended)


As for me my feelings on health care, health insurance, and government involvement is simple.

I believe that my body belongs to me. 


Enough said.


3 thoughts on “Hot air.

  1. Burrowowl says:

    So I take it you just pay for your medical expenses out of pocket as they come up?

  2. Burrowowl,

    Of course I have health insurance. Between my employee deduction and employer contributions I pay over $14,000 a year for my family’s medical benefits. This is not a gift from my generous employer, it’s simply part of what it costs to employ me, and this cost is passed down in the form of lower take home pay.

    I guess I asked for it with my comment “I believe that my body belongs to me”. It was simple and nebulous and kind of purpose. I didn’t say that with the intent to place out bait for a discussion, quite the contrary. What I was trying to say is that one of the primary jobs of the Federal government is to protect property rights. My body is my personal property. I believe that Federal government already has too much involvement in my personal property.

    I have read portions of HR-3200 and do not like what I see. I do not wish to get into a long winded discussion on the merits of this or that part of the document. Nor do I wish to play partisan politics about the failures of this administration or that. for instance: There are valid statistics on how Medicare is more efficient than private insurance companies. These are brought out by people who support some form of national health care. There are equally valid statistics that show how the private sector is much more efficient than Medicare. These are naturally brought out by people who are against a public system. Both sides can proclaim bias and influence peddling. It’s all on how you cook the numbers and what axe you have to grind. This goes nowhere, and quite quickly I might add.

    I don’t believe that the debates about health insurance are really about health care or insurance. It’s about fighting against more consolidation of power in the Federal Government. The people who support health care reform are probably taking this personally and don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t support better cheaper health care. I can see why there are lots of misinterpretations and assaults on opposing viewpoints. The scope of the discussion is larger than either side is willing to admit.

    I believe that there are a lot of people who think that the Federal Government should not be used to fix any more problems until it can fix itself. Others believe that the government can be fixed if it just had the right people in charge. To me the Federal Government is like a morbidly obese person. The only way to lose weight is to eat less food. Buying the latest electro shock tummy toning doodad and hoping for change just won’t do the trick.

    In the end, the blame doesn’t lie just with the Federal Government it lies with us. The people have spoken and they believe that they can get out more than they put in. They want more retirement than they saved, they want more care than they paid for, they want to be rescued from themselves no matter what the cost. The only way to get more than you pay for is to force someone else to pay for it for you. So naturally people vote for whoever gives them what they want.

    The latest uproar about health insurance is just another symptom of a much larger issue

  3. Burrowowl says:

    $14,000 is a pretty good deal these days, and your attitude about it in relation to your take-home pay is appropriate and well-adjusted. Right now the federal government is far more interested in protecting the property rights of the insurance company stockholders than your right to get a reasonable value out of your insurance premium.

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