Does a midnight snack affect your dreams?  I used to be skeptical but now I am not so sure.  Most of the time I wake up in the morning without a care, other than the fact that like a old car it take more time to warm up and stop squeaking and sputtering, and generally don’t remember my dreams.  I know that I dream vividly and in color every night.  Everybody dreams, however, most of the time they are not remembered in the morning. The dreams I do remember are almost always vivid, odd, amusing and slightly disturbing.  Kind of like zombie comedies.  Last night I had a real humdinger of a dream. 


I was a rather poor and unskilled wizard who dropped out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and found myself hiding Harry Potter in my home.  As usual he was being chased by Lord Voldermort. I never actually see Harry; I just assume he was there someplace.  Then someone finds a hidden camera inside the wall of the basement.  An argument ensues amongst the leaders of the Order of the Phoenix.  They are trying to assess if I am a traitor or merely incompetent.  They don’t understand the technology but assume I do that I installed the camera.  The camera is connected to my home PC which is connected to the internet, so naturally I called Comcast.  My call was routed to India, and CP3O was the call center rep.  He had an even more peculiar accent in my dream than in the movies.  CP30 said that our house was picked as a pilot program to test their new biometric security system to help with the upcoming US census.  He sounded excited and said how lucky I was to be taking part in such a noble venture.  Then he consulted R2D2 and informed me that I would be receiving a call from Homeland Security regarding known terrorists that have been sighted in my home.  Have-a-nice-day ‘click’.  Then the door bell rings and agent Smith from the Matrix comes into the house asking if Neo is in my basement.  He says that he may be wearing a disguise and was last seen with a white owl and a broom stick.  Mr Smith said that if I cooperated I would not be harmed, but if I was harboring a known fugitive I would be in serious trouble.  I woke up with a serious WTF feeling.

 neo harry

I spend the rest of the morning wondering what caused me to remember this dream so vividly. Better yet, where did the subject manor come from?  Yes, I was reading the last of the series of Harry Potter books before bed, but I haven’t watched Star Wars in a long time.  Was there some kind of message my subconscious was trying to tell me? I search my memory for a similar occurrence, I was sure this happened before and not too long ago.  Then I remembered, it was the night after the Fourth of July fireworks shoot.  What did last night and the fourth have in common…  KFC.  Yep, it seems that each time I eat at KFC, particularly their original recipe; I have dreams that make me wake up and say “WTF?” 


I think I will go back to KFC and get another bucket.  I have to find out what happens with Harry, and Agent Smith.

Is Harry Neo?  Is he the one?  Will agent Smith put a bug in my stomach? Should I take the red pill or the blue pill?


Stay tuned.




4 thoughts on “WTF and KFC

  1. S. Le says:

    Cool! Go get some chicken!

    I don’t eat anything that late and if I did and it was KFC, I wouldn’t get any sleep. I’d be sick all night.

    Take the blue pill. The Matrix is much less scary than the real world outside.

  2. caveblogem says:

    You were in your early teens when you saw Star Wars for the first time. It is buried so deep in your brain that it is intrudes upon every thought. Instead of Jungian archetypes, our generation of male nerds interprets all human behaviour by comparing actions to what we learned from this movie. What would Han do? Does this moment call for Han Solo recklessness, or is it one of those times I need to be enigmatic like Obi Wan? Perhaps I should grab this guy by the neck and lift him off his feet while I choke him. . . .

  3. Layman Pong says:

    I wonder if you can tweak it with the various dipping sauces…

  4. planetross says:

    There’s not a “Colonel of Truth” in your story.
    When I eat KFC I just dream about eating more KFC: I think there are drugs in that stuff.

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