On the way

I have been a bit too busy to post regularly or for that matter come up with anything to post about. So yesterday between a nine hour work day, two hours of class prep, and giving a two hour final exam review lecture framed as a “Jeopardy” like quiz show, I took some pictures with my camera phone.  Hey, a post is a post.


Between work and class I stopped at the local Kum and Go for some gas.  I love the advertisement on the pump handle.  My truck runs on Koolees!



After filling up my truck I went inside to pick up a cigar and a Coke Koolee I walked by a creatively named electrical company.  Well here is your free advertising, Get-er-done.



After the long day is done I simply love to sit by my fire pit and, sip some whiskey, and watch the bats as they struggle to rid the world of flying insects.  I planted sunflowers around my fire-pit patio for some privacy.  It seems that I was successful; it’s like a sunflower forest. 



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2 thoughts on “On the way

  1. S. Le says:

    It would be fab to have a vehicle that ran on Koolies! If you got thirsty you could drink your petrol!

    Love your fire pit area. Lovely and secluded. You and the bats can drink and eat all night and nobody will know.

  2. Tony says:

    I was gunna say I love your fire pit area & that it looks nice & secluded but S. already said it therefore I am just reiterating what was already said…

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