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A while back, I was driving my family to the movie theater when I noticed a sign in front of a lonely farm house that said, ‘$5.00 palm readings’.  Like many observations, this one kind of stuck in my mind.  I couldn’t stop thinking about how many, people believe in psychic phenomenon. Either the human brain able to believe in what is not provable, or our minds may actually be capable of receiving some kind of psychic message from inanimate objects.  Either way our brains are remarkable machines. 


So after a few weeks of pondering psychic thoughts, I started to form some conclusions.  Either we all have the potential for thinking in irrational terms (Crazy) or there is some truth to psychic readings.  I would like to explore the former but this is being done on a massive scale elsewhere.  (see blogroll) So I will work from the premise that Psychics have something, some special gift that allows them to see, or listen to the world as it is not perceived by most people. 


Since I love tools I started to wonder, what is the real difference between reading palms, or tarot cards, or tea leaves, or bones, or lumps on you head?  I guess a psychic simply uses tools that work for them, and the power lies in the psychic themselves.  Or are the tools the key to bring out latent psychic power?


This brings up an interesting idea.  What if everyone has psychic powers and they simply need to find the right method of interpreting the data?  Tea leaves may not be right for you, but bones and blood could do the trick.  I guess the key is to keep trying.


Why do I bring this up?  Well I think I found the tool to unleash my psychic powers. 


I call it:

Psychic SymbolPS font translation.


I have found that my psychic power lies in being able to interpret a blog simply by its name reformatted in SymbolPS font.


For example I will interpret my own blog. 

Sky Fishing:

 MSps skyfishing


The first three symbols represent, to my newly active psychic mind, a love of expressing oddities (dark water, and an electronic envelope).   The hand clearly shows a move to the right (Politically).  Other symbols to the novice may represent signs of the zodiac; I however, do not use the classic meaning as a basis of reading the truth.   To me these represent that happiness is located east of mountains, but not too far east.  The last two characters represent the fact that I write best on a computer, not by hand.  My printing looks like what worms do in the soil when their frisky.


Well there you go, a psychic reading using ms word fonts, which is not very useful, but entertaining.  Somehow I feel that my method has just as much merit as any other medium.  (Please forgive the pun)



One thought on “Psychic Flounder

  1. planetross says:

    I went to a psychic once … he just said that Batman had all the answers.

    … did I say psychic? … I meant sidekick.

    I can read “traffic lights” … but there still are others that interpret them differently.

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