Garden bones and Stewart the gnome


Another weekend has come and gone.  On Friday evening, while walking around the back yard, I decided to take some photos with my trusty camera phone.  I really enjoy our back yard, especially our collection of skulls.  Can you name the once furry creatures? They gave their lives without a clue to their eventual destination, this is my thanks.  Too bad furry creatures do not generally surf the internet.  Well, except for cats that is.  I firmly believe that my cats have corrupted my home pc.  Fur on the keyboard, and drool on the mouse was my first clue.



On Saturday I went out to camp on the prairie with my good old rocket buddies.  We did the usual fun activities including burning rocket propellant in the camp fire, informal target practice, and a smattering of fireworks.  Also there was just a touch of beer involved.  After, of course, we put away the guns and fireworks.  A balance of danger and safety is the key to living a long and interesting life.


This is Stewart.

He is a plastic talking garden gnome that my buddy John brought out to the camp site.  Stewart got his name due to the fact that his voice sounds remarkably close to a certain character on the TV show Family guy.  Stewart would  spout some form of irritating gnome cliché every time anyone walked within a few feet of him.  His not so unfortunate demise was deliberate and calculated.  Talking gnomes and firearms are not a good mix.  Good-by Stewart, we hardly knew ya.


Don’t worry, Clarence is safe at home guarding the pond skulls and keeping one eye on our cats.




4 thoughts on “Garden bones and Stewart the gnome

  1. Archvillain says:


    I thought you would have footage of Stewart’s timely demise.

  2. S. Le says:

    Gnomes can be creepy enough without actually talking.

  3. planetross says:

    I thought the same as Archvillain.
    Maybe you could have put blindfolds on the firing squad to protect their identities. hee hee!

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