Interview request

I was reminded recently by Mike with the Big Stick  that I have been remiss on interviewing fellow bloggers.  One of his suggestions was that I interview some of my rocketry or pyro friends maybe even a politician.  On that subject I have a confession to make.  I lead multiple lives that I try (semi-consciously) to keep separate.  Most of my friends here in Colorado are completely (I think) un-aware of my cyberspace activities.  Same goes with my co-workers, and students.  On the other hand my relatives, and friends that I have had since before moving to Colorado, comprise the vast majority of my readers.   While I do not try to keep my site a secret from my rocketry and pyro friends I do not advertise the fact that I host this site.  Part of the reason for this is simple shyness.  Also, because I am new to writing and do not want my well educated and articulate friends to realize what a struggling and inept boob I am when it comes to academic pursuits.  Someday I will have to open up and come out of the closet, and admit my dirty little secret.  “Hello, my name is *%& and I am a blogger” Likewise, someday I will substitute my real name for Prairie Flounder.  You never know what will happen in Flounderland.

BTW, I updated the Flounder interview page.  For some reason wordpress cut some of the interviews down, this is probably due to the length of the post.  So I simply took some of the interviews and placed them in individual posts then placed links on the interview page.  That should clean things up nicely.  If your interview disappeared it’s simply because I have not created an individual post for it yet.

I will heed Mike’s advice and send out some interview requests.  Just remember, be careful what you ask for you may just get it….


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2 thoughts on “Interview request

  1. Mike says:

    I sometimes feel very self-concious when I begin a sentence with, “I was blogging the other day..” I think a lot of people think it’s weird, although they will happily spend 6 hours per day updating their Facebook page, which I don’t really understand.

    Ahhhh…. the wonders of the internet.

  2. Layman Pong says:

    We teach the writing “process”: the early drafts focus on the creative flow and getting the thought on paper. As the revisions progress, one works toward the “publication draft,” i.e., the writing that one presents as “perfect.”

    Hell, I’m slapping words up on my journal as soon as I think ’em.
    Purposefully imperfect as a sort of modeling of the process.
    (I’d never submit my writing to a formal venue without having several colleagues edit it.)

    Put it out there, baby; anyone who corrects your grammar or spelling is missing the point.

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