Terminator Salvation review


This movie is the exact opposite of Angels and Demons in just about every way.  I liked the main character, enjoyed the special effects, had a fun time watching the movie, all in all I was toughly entertained.  However, it was in every measureable way a bad movie. 


The acting was defined by shocked looks, yelling, and running away.  The only acting that was worth a dam was from Sam Worthington who played Marcus Wright, a death row inmate who was designed by Sky-net to become the perfect terminator.  What can you say about Christian Bale? Does he do a great job of playing John Connor?  Or do we just like him so much that it doesn’t matter.


The whole movie was like that for me.  Does it really matter if the plot has holes a mile wide? Do I really care if the scene transitions looked like it was edited by 12 year old video game addicts?  Not really.  It was simply a fun show. 


Since I am a fan of the post apocalyptic movie genera I will normally lean towards favorable reviews for these types of movies.  I would not recommend Terminator Salvation to the average moviegoer.  However, if you enjoy a post apocalyptic killer robot science fiction, then this movie is an in your face collection of video game film clips.


I really wish that movies producers and visual effect professionals would do something about how firearms are portrayed in movies.  The real thing is much more awesome than is represented in movies, but they persist in dumbing down guns. Terminator Salvation is no exception.  In one scene John Connor lands a helicopter on a terminator then whips out his assault rifle and shoots the crushed terminator in the head.  Apparently John was using blanks, as it had no effect on the robot. 


What’s so difficult about little CGI holes?  Also, why do the human combatants continue to fire on terminators with hand guns when it never, I repeat never, has any affect?  Is there some sweet spot that once hit the robot just drops dead and we just haven’t seen it yet?  Also, what is it about human beings in the movies that enable them to with stand terrific physical trauma without so much as a bruise?   Most of the tossing about that John Connor was subjected to would have killed most pro wrestlers.  The suspension of physics seems to be perfectly acceptable, particularly when dealing with science fiction.  If you buy into killer robots and time travel, then why not enjoy indestructible steel, and gravity that doesn’t hurt?


Well you can tell that I pay attention to details that really do not mater. If I paid as much attention to continuity, character development, and acting I would probably not have enjoyed the film.  Instead I watched the movie like I watch my kids play serious first person shooting video games. 



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One thought on “Terminator Salvation review

  1. planetross says:

    Good job on the reviews.
    I haven’t seen Terminator Salvation yet, but agree with you on the “Angels and Demons”.
    Both Professor Langdon movies highlight the fact that the stories are pretty silly.

    “Pretty silly” is a great description! The visuals were flawless, flashy, and visually entertaining, but the substance is well silly. The movie Angels and Demons was like whip cream on a slice of spam. Sure it looks nice, but tastes like sugar and mystery meat. Terminator was more like drinking alcohol free beer from a high tech stainless mug, fun for the moment but ultimately unsatisfying.

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