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Star Trek


I was only 6 years old when the TV series came out and don’t remember watching it except for re-runs.  And watch them I did, over and over again, I was a huge fan of the series.  At twelve years old I was the proud owner of the official blueprints of the USS Enterprise.  I don’t know where I got them, probably a present from my parents, but they were so detailed I was sure that someone could use them to build the ship.  I even went to a convention and caught a glimpse of Scotty and Sulu.  At least I think that’s who they were, it was tough to tell and they weren’t in uniform.  So it’s no surprise that I saw the first showing of Star Trek when it came to town. 


The theater was packed with a diverse crowd of young and old, slackers in torn up clothes trying to look disinterested, and men in suits trying to look like they are not on the clock. Sadly no one was in costume, no pointy ears, no red shirts, nothing.  Oh well, I guess I shouldn’t be disappointed, people just don’t do ‘dork’ like they did in the seventies.


I have to admit it; I had a lot of apprehension with the new Star Trek movie.  My main concern was casting, I was terrified that Spock and Scotty would really suck.  No, that’s not fair.  I was afraid that every time I saw Scotty I would think of Shawn from Shawn of the Dead, and Spock would remind me of Syler from Heroes.  While waiting for the movie to start I kept imagining Scotty whacking zombies with a cricket bat “Out of me engine room you staggering beasties!” and Spock using is finger to slice open someone’s skull and take their powers, mind-meld indeed…  I was pleasantly surprised.  Out of all the characters I liked Scotty and Spock the best.


The plot was well crafted. It pleased both fans of the old TV series and the younger generation of movie goers.  The only uncomfortable part of the movie for me was adding gratuitous monsters to chase Kirk around in the snow.  The scene was totally useless and served only to distract the viewer from the incredibly unlikely chance of meeting up with Spock.  Oh, and what was up with the silly ship that Spock flew around in?  You would think that in the future there would be less moving parts on a space ship.  The thing looked like it was specifically designed to me marketed at Toys-4-us. 


I was quite pleased with Chris Pine’s performance.  He nailed the younger version of Kirk. With the death of Kirk’s father he added a rebellious nature that striped the only thing I didn’t like about the old Kirk, his “boy scout” nature.  Like a paladin or ranger from D&D, Kirk sometimes pissed me off when he looked for a win/win when solving problems.  I just loved the new Kirk’s swaggering nature, more Viking than Ranger.


-Kirk: “Bring me a fresh wench and more beer for my men” 

-Scotty: “Right away captn’ …you want one of them green lassies again?”

-Kirk: “Bring me two”


Also Spock, played by Zachary Quinto, has a bit of a tude’ compared to the old Spock.  Losing your home world and watching your mom get sucked into a black hole kind of does that to a guy.  One thing no one is talking about is where is Spock going to go when the blood fever hits him?  Pon farr is far off indeed; it’s tough to spawn when your world got sucked into nothingness. He will have to get his Kalifee on someplace else.  I can’t wait to see his pluktow in later episodes.


I wish that these movies would, just for once, have a story where the plot revolves around something a little more mundane than blowing up planets.  Why is it that the crew of the Enterprise can’t solve some local problem like they did back in the old series?  It seems that in the movies every story line involves a crisis on a planetary scale, particularly the destruction of earth.  How about a nice enjoyable romp with Nazis or Gangsters?  Whatever happened to stories where the worst thing that happens is a few red shirts die and Scotty gets drunk and fights it out with some Klingons?  How about bringing back tribbles?  Or a planet full of hot androids wenches bent on catering to the crews every whim?  Aah those were the days.


In the new movie I enjoyed the twists in fate due to the time line disturbance, and look forward to an entirely new universe that will unfold in future movies.  Maybe some of the crap in the next generation will get straightened out.  I picture a little edgier universe, maybe a little more like DS9. 


I would like to see Data get hooked up with some alien android.  Make a few toasters or something.  How about having the balls to go to the Ferengi home world and find out how, if lasifare capitalism is so wrong, did they have such cool ships?  Also why didn’t the federation contact the Dowd to take care of the whole Borg issue?  And where was Q? 


I figure that if the new crew of the Enterprise has half the involvement in federation crisis management that the old crew had it should radically change the entire Federation. Something tells me that the whole Star Trek universe is going to be much more interesting now that Kirk and Spock have been re-made.   


Well done.

Do it again.




2 thoughts on “ST Review

  1. S. Le says:

    I’m in complete agreement. Do it again, do it again! I thought the casting was excellent!! I especially liked Scotty and thought McCoy was probably the best cast. They were all very enjoyable. I can hardly wait to see it again and will buy the DVD.

    Beam me up!

  2. Oh, you’re right I forgot about ‘Bones’. He was even better than the original.
    I was hoping for more “I’m a doctor not a…..”

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