Busy slacker

Wow, I haven’t posted since the 17thof May.  What a slacker.  Honestly I haven’t been slacking without a purpose; I have been on vacation, of sorts. It was a busy vacation that involved my youngest son’s graduation from High School, some remote assistance for work, and prepping for summer semester.  Ok, not that much preppeping went on, but I thought about it a lot.  Honest.  It wasn’t all work and stress; I managed to do some gardening, went plinking, attended a major rocket launch, and went the theater to watch several movies.  Reviews of each are in the works.


Graduation was melancholy and joyful at the same time.  Both my boys are now High School graduates and by default official college students.  I am really proud of both of my boys. The graduation party was a grand success, but I am glad it’s over.  It was great to have guests over; however, as I get older I find that I really enjoy the everyday routines that have fell into place over the years.  I guess that’s what vacation is for, to shake up the routine of everyday life.  It makes one appreciate the humdrum.  


By happenstance my vacation also fell on the opening of some promising movies.   I don’t usually go out and see every new movie that hits the theater.  I save my movie theater experience for films that fit the following criteria:

  1.  It must be a movie where the big screen actually adds to the experience. (For comedies and chick-flicks I wait for DVD the release.)
  2. It must be a movie that appeals to my sense of wonder. (Science fiction / fantasy)
  3. It must be a movie that doesn’t have the potential to totally suck.  (Good luck)

So during my vacation we went to see Star Trek, Angels and Demons, and Terminator.  I will review each in later posts. As a preview I will say that I went to see Star Trek twice, should have skipped Angels and Demons, and was only slightly disappointed in Terminator.


Next was the rocket launch.  Each spring NCR holds a major three day event called Mile High Mayhem.  And each year the launch is hampered by weather and yes, each year the date is moved in hopes of better weather.  This cycle has been going on for about six years.  This year was no exception.  Wind, rain, and thunderstorms dominated the event.  This being the norm, I thought ahead.  I didn’t camp out, and I brought along some guns to go plinking.  I figured that if the weather sucked enough not to launch rockets, I could always drive around the corner and pop a few tin cans until the sky opened up.  Out of three days visiting the launch site I think there was a total of six hours of clear skies.  I got a lot of plinking in.  A friend and fellow gun nut brought a new toy.  I am a big fan of the .22 rim fire and generally only target shoot, but I just love to watch others use exotic and powerful weapons.  Yes I own a few big old guns; I just don’t shoot them often, they are just too expensive to feed.  My friend brought a monster rifle; I am not even sure what to call it, and I don’t remember what he said it was.  It shoots 8mm mouser rifle rounds using a belt feed system.  The thing was noisy as hell.  (Hells Bells)


Oh I also did a bit too much drinking during the week. (At home not on the range) Spudgun was a bad influence, but to be honest I kind of needed a bit of a bender during the week.  It helps lubricate the inner (mental) workings in preparation for going back to work.  So today I am back to work juggling cats and chain saws and trying to learn something in the process.  It will be months before I can go on vacation again so I am glad I took advantage of the time off.


Also I managed to insulate myself from the news.  This helped keep my political cramps down to a minimum.  Ignorance may well be bliss after all.  Oh well, now that I am back to work a high caloric diet of politics will begin to take its toll.  Need fiber.



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One thought on “Busy slacker

  1. Archvillain says:

    I believe that weapon is a replica of the MG-34, the standard squad support weapon of the Wermacht in WWII.

    Glad to have you back, BTW.

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