Blog envy?

I am sure some if not all of my readers have noticed that I have a hard time with keeping to a consistent theme on my blog. Subjects may include rocketry, fireworks, zombies, guns, gnomes, observations, school, parenting, survival, cats, cars, gadgets, and politics; where is this guy going next?  To me these all seem related somehow, but of course they are.  They are all related to me.  

This may or may not be an issue, but I find myself wondering if this is a problem with people who may stumble upon my blog. Regular readers probably find my all over the place style to be comforting in a rather unconventional way, but what about the random hit?  Should I even be concerned? 

I sometimes get a bit jealous of other blogs. Blog envy?  Consistency and excellent quality are important to any publication, be it online or in written form.  I respect that and try to do my best; however, I simply have too many interests to confine myself to one, or even six fields of endeavor.  Why this troubles me is at this point un-known, but not un-explored. I sometimes agonize over this silly blog probably more than I should.  The question is not one of consistency but of focus.  Should I endeavor to restrict my ramblings, or stay as out of focus and random as the last two hundred or so articles I have posted? 

The question is of course rhetorical.  As Popeye says, “I yam what I yam”, people who try to be what they are not really get my goat.  Someday I would like to have a goat so that phrase would be less metaphorical. ‘Crazed ramblings from the flyover’, as Burrowowl puts it, is probably a better description.

I guess my main point is that I will continue to do as I please and to keep my blog envy in check.  I was just wondering if anyone else has felt this way.



7 thoughts on “Blog envy?

  1. Mike says:

    I enjoy the meandering blog entries. I think of you as a guy with lots of hobbies and interestests, like myself, and if I was blogging on the type of content you write…I would be all over the map as well.

  2. S. Le says:

    Theme? Were we supposed to have a theme? I’ll have to delete my blog like Tony then. I don’t DO themes. I suppose the name of my blog is much more open than yours is though. Yours conjures up flying fish, astronomy, rockets, kites, and zeppelins. (And perhaps a stray bird.) I hope you will continue to stray from what ever your theme is. Variety is, as they say, the spice of life.

  3. Archvillain says:


    Write for yourself, not others. Write about what interests you.

    Those who know you will read it because it is yours, and others will read it if and as they find the content interesting.

    I happen to know you and find the content interesting, so I get the best of both worlds.

  4. Layman Pong says:

    “Specialization is for insects.”

  5. There are subject focused blogs and those which are not and I can’t help but feel that both serve a purpose. Your type of rambling, entertaining, vignette sort of blogging appeals to me because… well… to be honest, I think it’s because that’s how mine is. Blogs like ours are unlikely to ever hit the Blog Bigtime, but hey, who cares? It’s just fun to write!

    -Turkish Prawn

  6. Spudgun says:

    It is the spice of life PF. I myself enjoy your random ramblings. Besides, after the week after next, you gonna have some really random stuff to write about!

    Are you speaking of your impending visit to the land of the free, home of the brave, and capitol of the four Fs of fun? Freedom, Fire, Frag, and oh I forgot? Yes, we have a week of Parties, Rockets, Guns, Pyro, and interesting weather. I can’t wait.

  7. planetross says:

    I enjoy your directionless direction. I never know what to expect when I come over here.
    Looking back on what I’ve written about, I see trends, bends, short cuts, long cuts, no cuts and cold cuts.

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